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We are a dynamic research group focusing on top publications in management accounting, health economics and medical journals.
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We focus on reporting format design and the facilitation of dialogue to enhance healthcare productivity. Our projects work in close collaboration with top healthcare institutions. Among others, we closely collaborate with Helsinki University Hospital and Metro Health Medical Center.


We pride ourselves with strong team work and the international nature of our team:


Current working papers:

  • Costing in healthcare: a realist synthesis literature review, Sjöblom, N,. Derichs, D.  -working paper

  • A taxonomy to hospital cost accounting, Derichs, D., Malmi, T., Sjöblom, N. -working paper

  • The interplay of cost system structure and management control systems, Derichs, D., Malmi, T., Sjöblom, N. - working paper

  • DRG based healthcare productivity management – A realist synthesis, Derichs, D., paper presented at the Performance Management Association Conference (2016) and the Finnish National Doctoral Tutorial (2016) - working paper

  • The effects of relative performance information (RPI) reporting format design and strategic dialogue on hospital productivity – A field experiment, Derichs, D., Malmi, T., Schnieder, C., paper presented at the Workshop and PhD Seminar in Management Accounting and Control (2015) and Oberseminar Controlling (2016), the Nordic Accounting Conference (2016) - working paper

  • Altering clinical practice patterns through benchmarking to increase productivity, Derichs, D., Sivak, E., Malmi, T., paper submitted to conferences - working paper

  • Graphically illustrating patterns in resource consumption establish dialogue and change clinical practice patterns in pneumonia care, Derichs, D., Sivak, E., Hörhammer, I., Malmi, T. - working paper

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