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Bianca Beyer

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Bianca Beyer

Contact: [email protected]

Bianca Beyer is an Assistant Professor of Financial Accounting at the Aalto University School of Business. She holds a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Oulu.

Bianca’s research focuses on (a) corporate governance, in particular CEO compensation, the Board of Directors and behavioral corporate finance, and (b) information economics, such as corporate disclosures’ ‘real’ effects on information receivers, and peer/spillover effects of private firms’ disclosures. Her main research methods are empirical-archival and experimental.

Keywords: Financial accounting, corporate governance, behavioral corporate finance, private firms, real effects of disclosure


  • Financial Statement Analysis (22E00100)
  • Corporate Governance, co-taught with Seppo Ikäheimo (22E00500)
  • Master's thesis seminar (ABL-E1999)
  • Prep-meeting Research Seminar (PhD level)

Latest publications

How Does Carbon Footprint Information Affect Consumer Choice? : A Field Experiment

Bianca Beyer, Rico Chaskel, Simone Euler, Joachim Gassen, Ann-Kristin Großkopf, Thorsten Sellhorn 2023 JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING RESEARCH
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