Aalto Day One 1.9.2020

The opening of Aalto University's academic year 2020-2021 was held this year as a live online broadcast from the Learning Centre's studio. Return to the atmosphere of Day One by watching the recording of the online programme.
Aalto Day One image by Lukasz Geratowski

Thank you for joining Aalto Day One!

Return to the atmosphere of Day One by watching the recording of the online programme through this link


Aalto Day One

Opening ceremony of the academic year 2020–2021

All members and partners of the Aalto community are welcome to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year on Tuesday, 1 September. This year, the opening of the new semester will take place as a virtual event due to the exceptional situation.

Even if we can not meet each other on campus, we want to invite everyone from work, home, or even the park to join in. 

You can send greetings to our entire community prior to the event and we would love to hear from you! The message box will be available already on Monday 31 August on this event page. On this page you can also follow the live broadcast on Tuesday, 1 September. The broadcast appears on the screen visible on this page. If necessary, start the video from the arrow. The broadcast is open to everyone and does not require a login. The main language of the programme is in English.



Programme for the Day One

Monday 31.8.

From 8.00
Tune in to the mood

How was your summer? What do you expect from the new semester? What kind of wishes would you like to send to the community? Tell us your greetings, the message box opens on on Monday 31 August on this page. You can send and read greetings until the beginning of the live broadcast. Sending messages does not require login. Let's keep a positive vibe and share our best thoughts on the new academic year ahead of us. To read greetings remember to press play!

Tuesday 1.9.

Warm up party

Come for a warm-up before the opening! Our students Milja Koskela and Kaisa Talvitie together with Rebecca Adrianzen will host the party for you from our campus studio. DJ Henqi from the AaltoDJ community plays music throughout the warm-up. 

Opening ceremony

Let’s open Aalto University’s new academic year 2020–2021 together! The renewed opening ceremony directly from the campus live studio will launch our joint academic year by showcasing Aalto’s expertise and future game changers.

We will hear greetings from the President Ilkka Niemelä and AYY Chairman Olli Kesseli. The Minister of Science and Culture, Annika Saarikko, will give the government's greetings to the Aalto community. 

During the ceremony, we will be announcing our university’s most recent Aalto Distinguished Professor, the highest honor from the university. The Aalto Distinguished Professor gives the Aalto Talk, and is also interviewed in the studio.

In keeping with tradition, we will reveal the six winners of the Aalto Award voted by the Aalto community and for this year, we will also hear about the secrets of each winning team’s collaboration.

The opening ceremony will be hosted by our students Leila Arstila and Olli Kiikkilä.

Students Lukasz Geratowski and Veera Krouglov will bring color to the opening programme with their visualisations!

The opening ceremony ends approximately at 14.30.

Aalto’s chats

Don’t be left alone but share your experience of the opening of the new semester in virtual chats! As a registered member of the Aalto community, you can participate in the discussion on Aalto Day One during the online broadcast on Tuesday, 1 September at 13–15 in Teams and Zoom.

Links to stream channels:

Zoom: See instructions below

Further information

Susan Forsblom, Producer | [email protected] | 050 571 0526
Tarja Peltoniemi, Producer, student programme | [email protected] | 050 532 3817
Jessica Sinikoski, Communications Manager | [email protected] | 050 590 5818


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