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Strategies for Growth and Renewal

If you represent a medium or large size company (>100 employees and operating for more than 5 years) interested to get a better understanding of how your company or one of its business units can improve its innovation or renewal processes to achieve better growth, 'Strategies for Growth and Renewal' student projects might be appropriate for you.
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The projects are part of the assessment for the Strategies for Growth and Renewal course at the Master's Program of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (TuTa). The student teams have backgrounds ranging from industrial engineering to strategy and entrepreneurship, emphasizing growth strategies and corporate renewal.

The students are allocated to course projects by expressing their preferences in a motivation letter, which ensures a good fit and motivation of the student teams for the projects. 

What can the company expect from taking part in these projects?

These projecs are tailored to medium or large-size companies (>100 employees and operating for more than 5 years), which seek to understand how they can improve their capabilities to grow and renew. 

The participating company will receive:

  1. An evaluation of how certain organizational factors contribute in a focal growth or renewal challenge the company has identified.
  2. An evaluation of what capabilities the company needs to develop to address the focal challenge and formulate a strategy for growth /renewal.
  3. Recommendations and up-to-date knowledge to overcome the focal growth or renewal challenge; and
  4. A presentation summarizing the project's analysis, findings, recommendations, and an action plan by mid-April 2023.

What is required from the company?

The company representative is expected to

  1. Develop a 1-page project brief outlining the growth or renewal challenge the company (or the business unit) faces and which the team will study;
  2. Provide twice feedback to students on their progress (either via e-mail or through a meeting); and
  3. Provide access to a team of ~4 students to collect data (conduct interviews with managers and employees, secondary data) between mid-January and March 2024.

What do the students receive?

During the course, students analyze a real company’s growth or renewal challenge, apply knowledge and develop solutions for it, and report their work according to the company’s needs. The course’s responsible professor coaches each student team.

Course details

  • Contact: Riku Österman ([email protected])
  • Project duration: 3 months (January - April), 5 cr
  • Number of students per project: ~4
  • Project fee for a company: none, just time
  • Application period for companies: By 15 Dec 2023
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