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ITP - Information Technology Program

Aalto University Information Technology Program (ITP) is a minor study module (24 ECTS) which brings students together from diverse backgrounds and all around the world to solve digital business problems over a summer period.
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ITP enables students to combine business, design, and technological perspectives, making it an ever-changing and valuable education module. ITP prepares students for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making in the digital economy.

What can the company expect from taking part in this project?

Every year we partner with big companies and governmental or municipal organisations, who aim to develop their business, processes, operations, and solutions in the digital field. We have partnered with companies such as Vero, Kela, UPM, Sanoma, Trafi, Bank of Finland, City of Helsinki, and City of Espoo.

The projects completed during the summer are based on real-life needs of the partner companies. The project weeks are dedicated to the project and events related to it. The students are also working on the project during courses, especially on the lecture-free project days. The course consists of workshops, group work, lectures, company visits, and other events.

The benefits for the participating company include:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams of 3-5 students working on the project for 3 months
  • Research based and validated solution concepts for the given challenge
  • Innovative thinking outside of the project organization, applied knowledge from industry and academia
  • Project outcome in the form of a report, presentation, and a prototype depending on the given challenge
  • An opportunity to enhance employer brand and be on the lookout for potential future leaders

What is required from the company?

  • Minimum five (5) meetings during the summer according to the ITP schedule, including: Project Briefing, Project Plan, Concept Lab, Proto Lab, and Life Lab
  • Feedback and guidance on the project work
  • Ability to support with the needed resources for the research and testing, such as data, access to any relevant services which are to be developed, or meetings with customers and internal subject matter experts

What do the students receive?

In addition to specialization track specific learning goals, the core of ITP is a three months long Business Project course. The objective of the business project is to apply the theory learned during the conceptual courses in practice.

Students learn in practice about project management, research methods, and creating concepts that solve the given challenge. Furthermore, a variety of work life skills such as client relations management, meeting practices, reporting, and visual and oral presenting are embedded into the learning experience.

Course details

  • Contacts: Program Director Laura Sivula, [email protected], Program Manager Petra Fagerlund, [email protected] 
  • Duration of the project: 3 months (between May and August)
  • Number of students per project: 3-5
  • Project fee for the company: 14 000 € + VAT
  • Application period for companies: January– April
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Information Technology Program (ITP)
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