COMP Leadership and Research Groups

Three students working on laptops in the Design Factory kitchen / photo by Aalto University, Unto Rautio

Director Päivi Törmä - Quantum Dynamics

Vice-Director Mikko Alava - Complex Systems and Materials

Martti Puska - Electronic Properties of Materials

Kari Laasonen - Computational Chemistry (Aalto CHEM)

Patrick Rinke - Computational Electronic Structure Theory

Olga Lopez Acevedo - Computational Soft and Molecular Matter

Jaakko Akola - Materials and Molecular Modelling (Tampere University of Technology)

Tapio Ala-Nissilä - Multiscale Statistical Physics

Mikko Möttönen - Quantum Computing and Devices

Ari Harju - Quantum Many-Body Physics

Adam Foster - Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale

COMP was strengthened by the following Academy of Finland Research Fellows:

Antti Puisto - Multiscale modeling of multiphase material rheology

Lasse Laurson - Materials modeling of dynamic processes

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