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Säynätjoki, A., Karvonen, L., Rostami, H., Autere, A., Mehravar, S., Lombardo, A., Norwood, R. A., Hasan, T., Peyghambarian, N., Lipsanen, H., Kieu, K., Ferrari, A. C., Polini, M., and Sun, Z., Ultra-strong nonlinear optical processes and trigonal warping in MoS2 layers, Nature Communications 8, 893 (2017). DOI

Jacobse, P.H., Kimouche, A., Gebraad, T., Ervasti, M.M., Thijssen, J.M., Liljeroth, P., and Swart, I., Electronic components embedded in a single graphene nanoribbon, Nature Communications 8, 119 (2017). DOI

Majumdar, S., Chen, B., Qin, Q. H., Majumdar, H. S., and van Dijken, S., Electrode Dependence of Tunneling Electroresistance and Switching Stability in Organic Ferroelectric P(VDF-TrFE)-Based Tunnel Junctions, Advanced Functional Materials , 1703273 (2017). DOI

Brandner, K., Bauer, M., and Seifert, U., Universal Coherence-Induced Power Losses of Quantum Heat Engines in Linear Response, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 170602 (2017). DOI

Westström, A., and Ojanen, T., Designer Curved-Space Geometry for Relativistic Fermions in Weyl Metamaterials, Phys. Rev. X 7, 041026 (2017). DOI

Törmä, P., Nanolasing: Multimode superlattice arrays, Nature Nanotechnology 12, 838 (2017). DOI

Fan, Z., Hirvonen, P., Pereira, L. F. C., Ervasti, M., Elder, K. R., Donadio, D., Harju, A., and Ala-Nissilä, T., Bimodal Grain-Size Scaling of Thermal Transport in Polycrystalline Graphene from Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Nano Lett. 17, 5919-5924 (2017). DOI

Dutta, B., Peltonen, J., Antonenko, D. S., Meschke, M., Skvortsov, M. A., Kubala, B., König, J., Winkelmann, C. B., Courtois, H., and Pekola, J. P., Thermal Conductance of a Single-Electron Transistor, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 077701 (2017). DOI

Li, C., Zhou, J. X., Zhai, F., Li, Z., Yao, F., Qiao, R., Chen, K., Cole, M. T., Yu, D., Sun, Z., Liu, K., and Dai, Q., Carbon Nanotubes as an Ultrafast Emitter with a Narrow Energy Spread at Optical Frequency, Advanced Materials 29, 1701580 (2017). DOI

Dunaevskiy, M., Geydt, P., Lähderanta, E., Alekseev, P., Haggrén, T., Kakko, J. P., Jiang, H., and Lipsanen, H., Young's Modulus of Wurtzite and Zinc Blende InP Nanowires, Nano Letters 17, 3441-3446 (2017). DOI

Karvonen, L., Saynatjoki, A., Huttunen, M. J., Autere, A., Amirsolaimani, B., Li, S., Norwood, R. A., Peyghambarian, N., Lipsanen, H., Eda, G., Kieu, K., and Sun, Z., Rapid visualization of grain boundaries in monolayer MoS2 by multiphoton microscopy, Nature Communications 8, 15714 (2017). DOI

Lee, K.F., Tian, Y., Yang, H., Mustonen, K., Martinez, A., Dai, Q., Kauppinen, E.I., Malowicki, J., Kumar, P., and Sun, Z., Photon-Pair Generation with a 100 nm Thick Carbon Nanotube Film, Advanced Materials 29, 1605978 (2017). DOI

Ollikainen, T., Tiurev, K., Blinova, A., Lee, W., Hall, D.S., and Möttönen, M., Experimental realization of a Dirac monopole through the decay of an isolated monopole, Physical Review X 7, 021023 (2017). DOI

Tan, K.Y., Partanen, M., Lake, R.E., Govenius, J., Masuda, S., and Möttönen, M., Quantum-circuit refrigerator, Nature Communications 8, 15189 (2017). DOI

Brandner, K., Maisi, V., Pekola, J. P., Garrahan, J. P., and Flindt, C., Experimental Determination of Dynamical Lee-Yang Zeros, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 180601 (2017). DOI

Autere, A., Ryder, C. R., Säynätjoki, A., Karvonen, L., Amirsolaimani, B., Norwood, R. A., Peyghambarian, N., Kieu, K., Lipsanen, H., Hersam, M. C., and Sun, Z., Rapid and Large-Area Characterization of Exfoliated Black Phosphorus Using Third-Harmonic Generation Microscopy, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 1343-1350 (2017). DOI

Kumar, A., Banerjee, K., Dvorak, M., Schulz, F., Harju, A., Rinke, P., and Liljeroth, P., Charge-Transfer Driven Nonplanar Adsorption of F4TCNQ Molecules on Epitaxial Graphene, ACS Nano 11, 4960 (2017). DOI

Drost, R., Ojanen, T., Harju, A., and Liljeroth, P., Topological states in engineered atomic lattices, Nature Physics 13, AOP (2017). DOI

Silveri, M.P., Tuorila, J.A., Thuneberg, E.V., and Paraoanu, G.S., Quantum systems under frequency modulation, Rep. Prog. Phys. 80, 056002 (2017). DOI

Ockeloen-Korppi, C.F., Damskägg, E., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., Heikkilä, T.T., Massel, F., and Sillanpää, M.A., Noiseless Quantum Measurement and Squeezing of Microwave Fields Utilizing Mechanical Vibrations, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 103601 (2017). DOI

Yao, L., Inkinen, S., and van Dijken, S., Direct observation of oxygen vacancy-driven structural and resistive phase transitions in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3, Nature Communications 8, 14544 (2017). DOI

Hakala, T.K., Rekola, H.T.,Väkeväinen, A.I., Martikainen J.-P., Nečada, M., Moilanen, A.J., and Törmä, P., Lasing in dark and bright modes of a finite-sized plasmonic lattice, Nature Communications 8, 13687 (2017). DOI


Dasenbrook, D., and Flindt, C., Dynamical Scheme for Interferometric Measurements of Full-Counting Statistics, Physical Review Letters 117, 146801 (2016). DOI

Govenius, J., Lake, R.E., Tan, K. Y., and Möttönen, M., Detection of zeptojoule microwave pulses using electrothermal feedback in proximity-induced Josephson junctions, Physical Review Letters 117, 030802 (2016). DOI

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Hu, H., Yang, X., Zhai, F., Hu, D., Liu, R., Liu, K., Sun, Z., and Dai, Q., Far-field nanoscale infrared spectroscopy of vibrational fingerprints of molecules with graphene plasmons, Nature Communications 7, 12334 (2016). DOI

Julku A., Peotta S., Vanhala T., Kim D.-H., and Törmä P., Geometric origin of superfluidity in the Lieb lattice flat band, Physical Review Letters 117, 045303 (2016). DOI

Kargar, F., Debnath, B., Kakko, J.P., Säynätjoki, A., Lipsanen, H., Nika, D.L., Lake, R.K., Balandin, A.A., Direct observation of confined acoustic phonon polarization branches in free-standing semiconductor nanowires, Nature Communications 7, 13400 (2016). DOI

Kawai, S., Haapasilta, V., Lindner, B.D., Tahara, K., Spijker, P., Buitendijk, J.A., Pawlak, R., Meier, T., Tobe, Y., Foster, A.S., and Meyer, E., Thermal control of a sequential hydrocarbon molecule on-surface transformation on a copper surface, Nature Communications 7, 12711 (2016). DOI

Kim, W., Li, C., Chaves, F.A., Jiménez, D., Rodriguez, R.D., Jannatul, S., Fenner, M.A., Lipsanen, H., and Riikonen, J., Tunable Graphene-GaSe Dual Heterojunction Device, Advanced Materials 28, 1845 (2016). DOI

Kumar, K.S., Vepsäläinen, A., Danilin, S., and Paraoanu, G.S., Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage in a three-level superconducting circuit, Nature Communications, 7, 10628 (2016). DOI

Luo, Z., Wu, D., Xu, B., Xu, H., Cai, Z., Peng, J., Weng, J., Xu, S., Zhu, C., Wang, F., Sun, Z., and Zhang, H., Two-dimensional materials saturable absorbers: Towards compact visible-wavelength all-fiber pulsed lasers, Nanoscale 8, 1066 (2016). DOI

Lähteenmäki, P., Paraoanu, G.S., Hassel, J., and Hakonen, P.J., Coherence and correlations from vacuum fluctuations in a microwave superconducting cavity, Nature Communications 7, 12548 (2016). DOI

Maccaferri, N., Bergamini, L., Pancaldi, M., Schmidt, M.K., Kataja, M., van Dijken, S., Zabala, N., Aizpurua, J., and Vavassori, P., Anisotropic nanoantenna-based magnetoplasmonic crystal for highly enhanced and tunable magneto-optical activity, Nano Letters 16, 2533 (2016). DOI

Majoinen, J., Hassinen, J., Haataja, J.S., Rekola, H.T., Kontturi, E., Kostiainen, M.A., Ras, R.H.A., Törmä, P., Ikkala, O., Chiral plasmonics using twisting along cellulose nanocrystals as a template for gold nanoparticles, Advanced Materials 28, 5262 (2016). DOI

Ockeloen-Korppi, C.F., Damskägg, E., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., Clerk, A.A., Woolley, M.J., and Sillanpää, M.A., Quantum Backaction Evading Measurement of Collective Mechanical Modes, Physical Review Letters 117, 140401 (2016). DOI

Ockeloen-Korppi, C.F., Damskägg, E., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., Heikkilä, T.T., Massel, F., and Sillanpää, M.A., Low-Noise Amplification and Frequency Conversion with a Multiport Microwave Optomechanical Device, Physical Review X 6, 041024 (2016). DOI

Partanen, M., Tan, K.Y., Govenius, J., Lake, R.E., Mäkelä, M.K., Tanttu, T., Möttönen, M., Quantum-limited heat conduction over macroscopic distances, Nature Physics 12, 460 (2016). DOI

Sun, Z., Martinez, A., and Wang, F., Optical modulators with two-dimensional layered materials, Nature Photonics 10, 227 (2016). DOI

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Taupin, M., Khaymovich, I., Meschke, M., Mel'nikov, A.S., and Pekola, J., Tunable quasiparticle trapping in Meissner and vortex states of mesoscopic superconductors, Nature Communications 7, 10977 (2016). DOI

Tsargorodska, A., Cartron, M.L., Vasilev, C., Kodali, G., Mass, O., Baumberg, J.J., Dutton, P.L., Hunter, C.N., Törmä, P., and Leggett, G.J., Strong Coupling of Localized Surface Plasmons to Excitons in Light-Harvesting Complexes, Nano Letters 16, 6850 (2016). DOI

van Zanten, D.M.T., Basko, D. M., Khaymovich, I.M., Pekola, J.P., Courtois, H., and Winkelmann, C.B., Single Quantum Level Electron Turnstile, Physical Review Letters 116, 166801 (2016). DOI

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Yang, X., Zhai, F., Hu, H., Sun, M., Sun, Z., Chen, J., and Dai, Q., Far-Field Spectroscopy and Near-Field Optical Imaging of Coupled Plasmon–Phonon Polaritons in 2D van der Waals Heterostructures, Advanced Materials 28, 2931 (2016). DOI


Bauer, U, Yao, L., Tan, A.J., Agrawal, P., Emori, S., Tuller, H.L., van Dijken, S., and Beach, G.S.D., Magneto-ionic control of interfacial magnetism, Nature Materials 14, 174 (2015). DOI

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Häkkinen, P., Isacsson, A., Savin, A., Sulkko, J., Hakonen, P., Charge Sensitivity Enhancement via Mechanical Oscillation in Suspended Carbon Nanotube Devices, Nano Letters 15, 1530 (2015). DOI

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Kimouche, A., Ervasti, M.M., Drost, R., Halonen, S., Harju, A., Joensuu, P.M., Sainio, J., Liljeroth, P., Ultra-narrow metallic armchair graphene nanoribbons, Nature Communications 6, 10177 (2015). DOI

Koski, J.V., Kutvonen, A. Khaymovich, I.M., Ala-Nissila, T., Pekola, J.P., On-Chip Maxwell’s Demon as an Information-Powered Refrigerator, Physical Review Letters 115, 260602 (2015). DOI

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Yang, H., Fu, B., Li, D., Tian, Y., Chen, Y., Mattila, M., Yong, Z., Li, R., Hassanien, A., Yang, C., Tittonen, I., Zhaoyu, R., Bai, J., Li, Q., Kauppinen, E.I., Lipsanen, H., and Sun, Z., Broadband laser polarization control with aligned carbon nanotubes, Nanoscale 7, 11199 (2015). DOI

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