Center for Markets in Transition CEMAT

Center for Markets in Transition CEMAT

The mission of CEMAT is to produce and deliver research-based knowledge to the use of societal stakeholders in Finland and internationally.

CEMAT conducts academic research focusing on Russia and channels the knowledge to the use of the business community and other societal stakeholders In Finland.

CEMAT supports EU-level decision-making as the lead coordinator of the Northern Dimension Institute (NDI), the mission of which is to serve the knowledge needs of the Northern Dimension policy.

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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out
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Northern Dimension Newsflash 2/2021 is out

In this newsletter, you can read about the how the Northern Dimension Institute is currently mapping synergies in regional cooperation in the ND area, as well as about the interesting activities carried out in cooperation with the ND Partnerships in the fields of environment, transport and logistics, health and social well-being, and culture.
Art of Staying Healthy Open Call 2021
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Open Call for Projects: Arts and Culture for a Better and Healthier Life

The project “The Art of Staying Healthy” aims to develop collaboration between the arts and health sectors and to pilot arts interventions on the health and well-being of people and communities in the Northern Dimension area.
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Russia-related business and economics expertise in Finland - two online panel discussion on May 10, 2021

The Finnish-Russian Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation/Working Group for Social Sciences in cooperation with Aalto University School of Business/CEMAT,
East Office of Finnish Industries and the Finnish‑Russian Chamber of Commerce will organize two panel discussions at the annual Aleksanteri-forum on May 10.
Russia in the Arctic Dialogue International PhD School 2021
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II International PhD School "Russia in the Arctic Dialogue: Local and Global Context" 2021

The aim of the International PhD School is to provide young scholars from the Arctic and non-Arctic countries with knowledge about the Russian Arctic strategy and large-scale industrial and environmental projects as well as facilitate international collaboration in studying and discussing contemporary issues of the Arctic Region in the global context.
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CEMAT conducts high-level business research focusing on Russia in collaboration with scholars from Aalto University School of Business faculties. Current research topics include corruption, round-trip foreign direct investment and internationalization of higher education in Russia.

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Northern Dimension Institute

The international university network Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) serves the information needs of the Northern Dimension (ND) policy – a common policy of four equal partners: the European Union (EU), the Russian Federation, Norway and Iceland.

CEMAT is the lead coordinator of the Northern Dimension Institute, and its co-coordinators are the Northern (Arctic) Federal University and St Petersburg State University of Economics from Russia. The NDI receives its funding from the European Commission and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Currently, the Institute is leading two projects: the NDI Think Tank and the Support to the NDI.

The Northern Dimension Institute produces and delivers research-based knowledge to the use of the ND thematic partnerships on the environment, transport and logistics, culture, and health and social wellbeing. The NDI publishes its own Policy Brief series and improves researchers' science communication skills by offering training in Policy Brief writing.

Latest NDI publications

NDI Policy Brief 16: Decarbonizing road passenger transport in the ND area

This policy brief elaborates recommendations for road passenger transport decarbonization in the Northern Dimension (ND) area. How can people keep their freedom of movement but pollute less?

time lapse photography of car

NDI Policy Brief 15: Accident information is needed to prevent emergencies in the Arctic waters

Increasing economic activity in the Russian Arctic has resulted in the growth of vessel traffic related to trade, exploration and research, marine tourism, and natural resource extraction activities. This has heightened the risk of maritime accidents.

Arctic Shipping Photo by Alex Perz

NDI Policy Brief 14: Healthy ageing policy in Russia needs to consider gender, age, and territory

The Russian government has adopted various national policies and programs in the last decade in response to population ageing in the country. In this Policy Brief, the authors analyzed the targets and actions of two ongoing healthy ageing policies, and how their effectiveness could be improved.

Healthy ageing policy in Russia Photo credit Agency of the city news Moscow

Policy Brief: ND Environmental Partnership as a platform for nuclear cleanup of sunken objects in the Arctic Sea

The Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership’s Nuclear Window (NDEP NW) is an established platform for eliminating nuclear hazards inherited from the Soviet nuclear fleet operations in the Arctic. The strength of the NDEP NW projects is their operating model, where the NDEP grants administered by the EBRD act as a catalyst for local and complementary national funding, including in-kind support from the beneficiaries.

Dismantling nuclear submarines photo by Ingar Amundsen
Finrusresearch website

Multisectoral working group for Finnish-Russian research

CEMAT supports the development of multisectoral and multidisciplinary expertise on Russia in Finland by co-chairing the Working Group for Social Sciences under the Finnish-Russian Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation. The Working Group is funded by the Academy of Finland and its members represent universities and research institutes, business associations and ministries. Its mission is to establish contacts between Finnish and Russian scholars and to disseminate information about the Russian economy and society in Finland. The Working Group organizes seminars and other events open to the public annually and maintains the Finrusresearch website.


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Center for Markets in Transition CEMAT

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