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SAVE ENERGY was a European Project that addressed the challenge of behavioral transformation through the use of ICT as an enabler of energy efficiency in five public buildings in five European cities – Helsinki, Leiden, Lisbon, Luleå and Manchster. The main objective of SAVE ENERGY was to transform the behaviour of users of these public buildings regarding energy efficiency through serious games and real-time information from sensors and actuators. SAVE ENERGY was built upon the Living Labs methodology to provide an engaging virtual environment for users, citizens and policy makers to gain awareness, understanding and experience associated with energy saving attitudes.

CKIR’s role in SAVE ENERGY involved the design and development of a serious, educational game called GREEN MY PLACE,  modelled as a massive social online game (MSO), which aimed to create a fun and engaging game experience, while shaping the player’s behaviour towards energy saving issues.

GREEN MY PLACE won the 1st prize in the “1st European Best Learning Game Competition”, in the category “Best Non-Professional Functional Game.”

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