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IIT - Industrial Innovation in Transition

The Industrial Innovation in Transition (IIT) project aims to help realizing the innovation-based growth strategy for Europe through stimulating the modernisation of current practices of innovation management.

The key motivation of the IIT project is the fact that Europe is lagging behind the US and Asia in terms of economic growth and employment. While the fiscal crisis in Europe has focused attention on restoring stability and reducing public debt, it is now time to look at where and how new growth could be found.

The only way to achieve economic growth and new jobs is to strive for dominance in the value chain through innovation. While industrial innovation is in transition in terms of adopting new innovation processes and practices, many companies are still following traditional linear approaches failing to benefit from the modern understanding of innovation as “systemic”.

The project is funded under the European Commission Horizon2020 - EURO-2-2014.

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Petra Turkama, e-mail: [email protected]

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