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Future Internet Research and Experimentation, FP7-ICT-2009-5

FIREBALL was European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) ICT research project launched in May 2010 for a two year period. The over-all objective of the project was to coordinate and align methodologies and approaches in the domains of Future Internet (FI) research and experimentation testbeds and user driven open innovation towards successful innovation in smart city environments. In doing so, and in covering the whole FI research and innovation value chain driven by smart cities being the users of the FI, FIREBALL aimed to establish effective forms of cooperation across the FI innovation value chain, creating synergies and cooperation practices among different research and innovation communities related to the FI.

To that end, FIREBALL brought together the different constituencies to establish common processes and methodologies and share their assets. FIREBALL explored how the different assets (testbeds, facilities, methods, know-how, applications, users) within these constituencies could be shared and configured to the demands of smart city showcases.

Key objectives of FIREBALL:

  1. Achieve European-wide coordination of methodologies and approaches in the domains of FIRE and Living lab
  2. Leverage European-wide available assets for exploring Future Internet opportunities
  3. Ensure coordinated development and sharing of best practices of Future Internet innovation in pilot cities and sectors

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