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Advanced Pilots of Living Labs Operating in Networks, CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3
Aalto University/Unto Rautio

APOLLON was a European initiative launched in November, 2009, for a duration of 30 months to promote and develop European user-driven RDI, cross-border Living Lab networking and ICT product and service innovation through pilot projects in four major domains: eHealth, Energy Efficiency, eManufacturing and eParticipation. The main objectives of APOLLON were 1) to conduct cross-border Living Lab pilots aimed at particular SMEs, 2) to harmonize methodologies and tools for cross-border Living Lab projects, and 3) to create sustainable cross-border domain-specific Living Lab networks. The APOLLON Consortium consisted of 28 Core Partners and 10 European member states, and involved SMEs, large ICT companies, as well as academia. The project was linked to the wider European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

CKIR’s role in APOLLON was in methodology development and national pilot coordination in Finland. In eHealth, CKIR partnered with Helsinki Forum Virium in ‘Healthy Helsinki Programme’ in Herttoniemi Living Lab to promote independent living and innovative home care systems for residents through the use of ICT, and specifically an audiovisual video monitoring and care system that allows for a more efficient communication and a facilitated needs assessment between clients and the service provider. The project’s aim was also to research how a Belgian virtual technology-based Independent Living Systems (IDS) project could be replicated in a sister project in Finland, and in the longer run, to define standards and guidelines to other similar projects to be replicated in other countries, while promoting and supporting enhanced home care and welfare of the users.

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