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ACSI 2.0

ACSI as an Accelerator for System Level Changes
Four Aalto University students working at a table / photo by Unto Rautio

The ACSI 2.0 project studied emergence of self-renewing innovation ecosystems and focused on societal innovations. 

The aim of the project was: 

  1. to find means to support emergence of innovative flows and dynamics
  2. to identify their systemic patterns and bottlenecks
  3. to develop follow up and evaluation methods for output, outcomes and impacts of innovation initiatives.

ACSI 2.0 benefited from the research results of the first phase of ACSI and continued to develop ACSI as a new generation innovation agenda, global platform for societal innovations and a novel research instrument for both the university and multidisciplinary research communities. The ACSI 2.0 project built on a micro level perspective of innovation systems, and it was complemented by and functionally connected to two other projects.

ACSI 2.0 was linked in the partnership of with 6th Wave (lead by prof. Markku Willenius, University of Turku).

The overall goal of these parallel projects was to help Finland to identify and meet the new global challenges in a systemic way. The projects produced together knowledge and tools to upgrade the Finnish innovation system, and contributed to policies that are needed in order to initiate and manage innovation practices and ecosystems. The projects’ outcome covered new business possibilities, new management tools for innovation ecosystems, the changing roles of institutional and other stakeholders, regions as innovation ecosystems and societal innovations. The projects aimed to expand understanding of innovation (eco)systems and created new awareness of the new antecedents of innovativeness for the future.

Project Duration:

2012–2013 (Tekes)

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