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Suvi Majander

At Startup Sauna, people speak freely of their desire to succeed commercially. It has, as a design student, been quite the positive culture shock.
Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Suvi Majander, muotoilun opiskelija, Junction design team lead / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

‘A lot of people at the Department of Design are passionately engaged in the creation of top-quality, small and exclusive product ranges. It has, as a design student, been quite the positive culture shock to come to the Startup Sauna, where, in addition to passion, people speak of their desire to succeed commercially, for example. Here, it’s pretty rare to encounter a producer who focuses on small ranges or editions. The aim is always to do everything on as large a scale as possible. I’ve started to wonder how much the design scene’s fascination with limited editions is due to the fact that designers often act alone. This means that they spend the largest share of their time focusing on design in particular. It will be interesting to see whether this way of thinking will change, once more and more designers find their way to the Startup Sauna, and doing things as a group becomes more common.’

Suvi Majander, design student, Junction design team lead

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