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Submitting certified documents for joint degree programmes

This page contains instructions for submitting certified hard copies of application documents for some of the joint degree programmes. Delivery addresses and schedules are programme-specific. Please note that these instructions concern only the joint degree programmes specifically mentioned on the page.
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In the application phase, you have uploaded scanned colour copies of the application documents to the online application system. After the publication of admission results, if you have been admitted to one of the following programmes:

  • Communications and Data Science (CoDaS)
  • European Mining Course (EMC)
  • Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (ISEE) (Nordic Master)
  • Maritime Engineering (Nordic Master)
  • Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA),

you must submit certified (attested) hard copies of some of the application documents by a given deadline. The deadlines for submitting the documents may vary depending on the programme. 

Admission is conditional until the certified hard copy documents have been received by the university. Conditionally granted study right will be cancelled if the certified documents are not received in the required manner by the deadline. The certified documents will be compared to the electronic documents uploaded to the application system. The admission may also be conditional if your bachelor's degree / degree proving your language proficiency is still incomplete, or if you are required to pay tuition or programme fees and they have not yet been paid. 

Certified hard-copy documents required from admitted joint degree applicants:

  1. Certified copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate

    Copies certified by the awarding higher educational institution or by a notary public are accepted. If your degree is still incomplete after the publication of the results, the degree needs to be completed by 31 July and you will need to submit a certified copy of the degree certificate at a later stage.
  2. Official transcript of records for your Bachelor's degree, or a certified copy of it

If you are proving your English proficiency with a different degree than your Bachelor's degree you are additionally required to submit:

  • Certified copy of the degree certificate that you are proving your English proficiency with, and an official transcript of records or a certified copy of it

    If your degree is still incomplete after the publication of the results, the degree needs to be completed by 31 July and you will need to submit a certified copy of the degree certificate at a later stage.

If the degree certificate and transcript of records are not issued in Finnish, Swedish or English you are additionally required to submit:

  • Official translations of the degree certificate(s) and transcript(s) of records or certified copies of the original translations

    Translations are considered official when they are made by the higher education institution that awarded the degree, or by a certified /authorised translator. A certified or an authorised translator has a translating license, or other form of authorisation required by the country the translator is operating in, to translate in a specific language pair for official purposes. Kindly note that the translation by itself is not sufficient - it needs to be accompanied with the original document, from which the translation has been made. 

For other application documents, the regular scanned copies that you have provided during the application period are sufficient. 

You can find below more detailed instructions considering certified copies, official translations, the diploma supplement and the provisional degree certificate, as well as instructions about proving your English proficiency with an incomplete degree. Delivery instructions are explained in their own section further below. 

All documents must arrive at the given address at Aalto University by the given deadline. The programme-specific delivery address is mentioned under the programme's name below.

If you have applied to more than one programme, and are waitlisted in one and accepted in one, make sure to send two sets of certified copies of the documents (one to each programme) by the deadline. If you have been accepted to more than one programme, note that you can only accept one study place for studies that start in the same semester (e.g. autumn 2024). The acceptance of the study place is binding. This rule of one study place applies all bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree education in Finland.
See here for more information on the one study place per semester provision

Conditionally granted study right will be cancelled if the documents arrive late. Belated documents cannot be considered even if the delay took place irrespective of the applicant. Applicants are responsible for submitting the documents in the required manner and meeting the deadline. This also applies when the documents are sent via a third party, such as a postal service. The documents must arrive by the deadline; the postmark date is irrelevant. Aalto University is not responsible for services provided by post or courier services or any delays or damage caused by them.

We strongly recommend using a courier service (e.g. DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx) for shipments from outside the European Union (EU) instead of regular mail. We recommend using a courier service also within the EU to be able to track your shipment. 

If you send the documents by courier service, use the street address. Use the address only if you send the documents by regular mail. 

You can find here the programme-specific instructions such as the document delivery address and schedule, including the deadline:


If you send documents from outside the EU, take note of the following:

  1. Send the consignment of documents as a letter. Do not send it as a parcel.
  2. Do not determine a value for the letter when sending it to avoid customs clearance.
  3. If the country of dispatch requires the consignor to determine a value for the consignment of documents, mark the value as zero (euros or other currency).
  4. The goods description for the consignment should be, for example, documents.

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