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How does the coronavirus affect student admissions at Aalto University?

On this page you can find questions and answers about the coronavirus and how it affects the student admission of Aalto University. Information will updated on this website once available.
Page updated on 6 July 2020.

Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology

In the study options to Aalto Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology, the admission criteria have been changed so that students may be admitted also on the basis of the SAT subject test in mathematics alone, if there are still available places after the intake to Admission Group 1 (based on the grades) and Admission Group II (based on the SAT test and the SAT subject test in mathematics).

The change concerns only those applicants who already took the SAT subject test in mathematics in December 2019 (or after 1 Jan 2018) but who were unable to take the SAT test in March 2020. For this purpose, a new Admission Group IIb has been created.

All applicants with a SAT subject test in mathematics (Math level 1 or Math level 2), with the minimum score of 650, can be considered in Admission Group IIb. This concerns also those applicants who, in addition to the SAT subject test, have submitted the SAT test (Evidence Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics sections) but received less than 1200 points for it.

Please note! In other respects, the admission criteria for 2020 are followed. The admission processes for Admission Group I and Admission Group II remain the same. More information on the admission criteria:

The applicants concerned are automatically considered in the Admission Group IIb, and don’t need to take any action.

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Aalto University prepares for alternative student admissions procedures

Most entrance examinations cannot be organised on campus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lähikuva seinäelementeistä.

University entrance exams to be replaced by alternative admissions procedures this spring

The universities will implement their student admissions procedures in a manner that takes into consideration the special characteristics of each field.

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