Accessible Magnetic Resonance Imaging


    Paramedics treat a patient in an AMRI based Mobile Stroke Unit in a remote area at night
    patient being treated by paramedic in AMRI mobile stroke unit
    render of AMRI Mobile Stroke Unit on the road

    Accessible magnetic resonance imaging (AMRI) is a research collaboration between Aalto University Schools of Electrical Engineering and Aalto Arts, Design and Architecture. Research project aims to bring tissue-sensitive imaging out of the conventional hospital environment, enabling new transformational point-of-need services in both healthcare and wellness. This will be realized by developing novel magnetic resonance imaging and information processing technologies, and conducting design research which includes clinicians, caregivers and experts by experience as stakeholders throughout the process.

    Our ongoing research activities span across the disciplines of engineering, design and healthcare. 

    Project is funded by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation’s Future Makers and Business Finland’s Corona crises co-creation instruments.

    team members hold screws floating within the AMRI prototype


    The development of low magnetic field images is ongoing at our Lab!

    Accessible Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Two team members discuss with three paramedics, around stretchers in the emergency simulations lab

    Co-designing AMRI Mobile Stroke Units with paramedics

    The accessible MRI imaging technology could have a wide variety of uses within healthcare and wellbeing industries. Based on initial research with clinical experts, the mobile stroke unit (MSU) was selected as a relevant use case scenario, leading to this co-design project in collaboration with paramedics at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

    Accessible Magnetic Resonance Imaging


    Our interdisciplinary team is formed by designers and engineers specialised in health.

    Accessible Magnetic Resonance Imaging


    See below publications emerging from our ongoing research projects.

    Accessible Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    team member talks to visitors about AMRI at the EMMA museum, next to the Mobile Stroke Unit prototype.


    Outreach activities are organised to engage with citizens in research and discuss our ongoing projects

    Aalto Health Platform
    Rendered image of a mobile stroke unit in a rural area, with two paramedics and a patient.

    AMRI Mobile Stroke Unit Business Finland co-innovation initiative

    The project implements a vehicle-based mobile stroke unit capable of pre-hospital diagnosis and care of stroke by an integrated low-field MRI device developed at Aalto University, in collaboration with technical and clinical partners.

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