Aaltonaut minor and how to apply

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The structure

To complete the Aaltonaut minor you need to complete 20-25 ECTS (depending on your school's requirements). The minor is comprised of two "core" course and few selectable ones*.

* You can also suggest your courses that you have are willing to complete voluntarily. However these courses need to be related to to product development with emphasis on teamwork. For more information always ask the teacher in charge.

How to apply

To apply for the minor, get Aaltonaut approved as part of your Personal Study Plan (HOPS) through Sisu. This is how to get it done.

  1. In Sisu, edit your study plan through the “Study Plans” tab (“HOPS” in Finnish).
  2. Select the following courses
    1. Product Analysis (5 ECTS)
    2. Designing an Electronic Device for Business and Production (5 ECTS)
  3. Supplement these two with few of these
    1. ADD Basics -Additive manufacturing from idea to business (5 ECTS)
    2. Product Sustainability (5 ECTS)
    3. Service design tools for creating change (5 ECTS)
    4. Aaltonaut Communication skills (3 ECTS)
    5. Creating Sustainable Value (3 ECTS)
  4. In your study plan Minors module, search for “Aaltonaut”, and add the Aaltonaut minor to your study plan.*
  5. Send your Personal Study Plan to your study coordinator/HOPS tutor and wait for it to be approved.

Contact your study coordinator if you have any questions related to your Personal Study Plan. Getting your Personal Study Plan approved can be done at any time during your studies, but it’s best to do it early so you can plan your course load.

To take individual courses, simply enrol for them in Sisu.

*If you wish to complete a double minor or have exchange studies registered as your minor program, you can also include the Aaltonaut minor in the selective courses module by approving it with your study coordinator. 

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