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Creating a blog and posts

Instructions for starting a blog and creating blog posts on ourblogs.aalto.fi.

Ourblogs.aalto.fi site hosts the blogs written by members of Aalto community: faculty, staff, students and visiting bloggers, invited by Aalto community members.

Starting a blog

To start a blog and become a blog owner, fill in the blog sign-up form here.

  • The blog owner is responsible for the blog and its content.
  • Blog owners can create blog posts and edit all posts belonging to their blog.
  • Blog owners can request author rights for additional contributors.
  • Blog authors can write blog posts and edit their own posts.

Creating a blog post

Screenshot of the basic information field for creating a blog post
Creating a blog post: Basic information field

Fill in the basic information of your post. The lead text and main image are optional, but it is recommended you include these as well. 

  • Lead text is important for search engine optimisation and also introduces readers to your content.
  • Main images are shown as thumbnails when the post is showcased on other pages and in search results, even if you choose to hide it from the post itself.  
Screenshot of the metadata field on ourblogs.aalto.fi
Creating a blog post: Metadata

Add tags to your post.

  • Create new tags by typing them in the tags field and/or
  • select from existing tags shown in the dropdown.
  • Separate tags with commas.
Screenshot of add component pop-up on ourblogs.aalto.fi
Creating a blog post: Add components

Build your post by adding components.

  1. Click add components
  2. Select the component from the pop-up list
  3. Add content to the component

When ready, select "Publish" and click "Save".

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