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5 tips for actors

The mentoring process offers you a unique opportunity to develop yourself and experimentally design your career. Make the process look like you!
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  1. Set meaningful development goals

    In career design, you always start by defining the problem. Think carefully about your needs and boldly set goals for shaping your own unique career.
  2. Invest in planning the meetings

    Familiarise yourself with mentoring tools, choose themes and exercises that suit your goals and send them to your mentor in advance.
  3. Foster dialogic interaction

    Dialogic interaction requires the ability to be present, listen and ask questions. Try to understand the mentor's points of view, even if you don't agree with everything.
  4. Make the most of your mentor´s help in shaping your career

    Designing a meaningful and authentic career requires an experimental attitude and the ability to question conventional assumptions and come up with different paths. The mentor offers an excellent partner for this.
  5. Keep a learning diary

    Keep a record of conversations, insights and ideas during the mentoring process. Writing a learning diary deepens your learning and enriches your mentoring experience.

Bravely tell about your dreams/things that excite you. Be open to new thought patterns and ideas.

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