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Spaces and reservations

Want to learn more about Energy Garage spaces and how to make a reservations?
Aalto University / Energy Garage
Aalto University / Energy Garage indoor map


How to reserve a space from Energy Garage?

1. Contact EG staff at EG or by email [email protected]

  • Tell how your activity is linked to EG
  • Specify your need for space at EG
    • Type of action
    • Number of people involved
    • When and for how long time
    • Need for help or assistance from EG
  • Give your contact information

2. We will reply to you within 1-2 days

List of spaces in Energy Garage

Aalto University / Energy Garage

Forum (Reservable)

Forum is the presentation venue of Energy Garage. The space is equipped with basic presentation hardware and seats up to 50 persons.

Energy Garage / Meeting island

Meeting island (Reservable)

Meeting island is the small meeting room of Energy Garage. It's the only place that can be insulated from the surroundings with curtains, so it's the place to have closed team meetings. The space includes basic presentation equipment and seats 8 to 10 persons.

Aalto University / Energy Garage

Planning space

The planning space is great for working in teams or individually. The space includes cozy armchairs, different size of tables and whiteboards.

Aalto University / Energy wall

Energy Wall

Energy Wall is our small bouldering spot, where you can forget your work for a while and have refreshing break. Energy Wall has multiple routes to climb and problems to solve. New routes will be built regularly so the challenges never end!

Everyone is welcome to try climbing at the Energy Wall. You just need to register yourself to the EG staff on the first time. We also have a few pair of climbing shoes that all the registered climbers are free to borrow.

Bistro & Kitchen

In the EG bistro and kitchen your able to sit down and enjoy your snacks. The kitchen includes fridge, microwave and dishwasher. EG has a small set of plates and cutlery. 

Workshop & Soldering station

On our workshops your able to build prototypes etc. with our set of basic tools. All the tools are free to use. For bigger projects or special equipment contact EG staff. 

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