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Solar Energy Garage (Project suggestion)


In spring 2014 an intensive course was held where students familiarized themselves with the process of designing a photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system. A practice case was made of Energy Garage, and the PV panels were positioned on a roof nearby. The course was completed by three groups, individual assignments of which were:

  • Find the best place for installing the panels and create a 3D-model of the surroundings to calculate daily shadowing etc. (using professional level design tool PVSyst)
  • Estimate the electricity consumption of Energy Garage in co-operation with the real estate company
  • Map out some suppliers and ask for a few quotes. Choose the most economical PV panels and inverters for the system

If students at Energy Garage take an active role in this project, there's no reason the designed system should remain only speculation. Below is an aerial view of EG, indicated by the red dot. There seems to be a lot of empty space on the roof.

Project suggestion

Produce a considerable amount of solar electricity for Energy Garage. The project would involve the whole process of planning, buying and operating the PV power system. Things to be considered before investments:

  • 3D-model of the place and a daily radiation input estimation
  • Real statistics on solar radiation in Espoo/Helsinki/Vantaa area
  • Plan on what to do with eventual excess electricity and needed arrangements for this (electricity to heat, power grow lights for plants, feed to grid...)
  • Funding
  • Permissions needed (at least from the real estate company)
  • What work will be paid for, what work can and will be done safely by students

This is just a working list to showcase the idea. If this project gains traction, the forming student group will make their own project plan. Advice and help will be available. From the list above it is clear that this project can accommodate at least 15 students. Gather your friends and tell Mikko you're interested, so we can set the team up!

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