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Aalto University Energy Science Initiative, or shortly ESCI, was originally established in January 2012 to strengthen the efforts of the School of Science in energy. Two themes were chosen based on the School's competencies and interest:  Energy, Systems and Society – systemic research; and Materials in Energy.

ESCI is an open and transparent platform,but emphasizing scientific excellence, and multidisciplinarity in energy.

The first 3-year phase (2012-2014) of ESCI, with a budget of 680.000 € was mainly focused to raise the awareness in energy within the SCI School, network people and to initiative the first strategic research efforts. Two strategic research projects (Green IT and Materials in Extreme conditions) were initated ending in December 2014.  During this phase, relevant energy education was also established at SCI. 


Based on the experiences, the next phase (2015-) of ESCI is focussed on student- and teaching-related activities, the MultiDisciplinary Energy Science education (M.Sc. minor) and learning-innovation hub Energy Garage. The ESCI and EG is aimed to cross whole Aalto U.


ESCI is chaired by Peter Lund.  The Energy Garage has a reference group for support as follows (will be updated in fall 2015):

Aalto Students: Jussi Hietala, Laura Sirola, Jari Isaksson, Ossi Hakulinen, Jukka Kopra, Juho Timonen, Jaakko Peni 

Aalto SCI faculty: Peter Lund,  Karlos Artto, Antti Ylä-Jääski, Inkeri Ruuska

Aalto-yliopistokiinteistö: Tiina Sekki

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