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Aalto Science Institute AScI internship programme

The Aalto Science Institute international summer research (internship) programme offers bachelor's and master's students employment opportunities to participate first-hand in topical research, to interact with the premier research groups at Aalto University, and to network in an international environment. In support of AScI's role in internationalisation, the internships are open to students from all countries. Cultural and social activities enrich this unique summer experience in Finland.

The call for the 2022 summer research positions closed on 31.01.2022 

We received a record of over 1300 applications from 70 countries for the 55 positions across the fields of science and engineering. 


Notes to applicants

(Update 2.3)

  1. An email was sent to all applicants who have not been shortlisted. If you have been shortlisted then the research group will inform you of the final decision.

(Update 1.3)

  1. Very close to getting the final decisons annoucned. Just waiting on a few groups. Hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow.

(Update 24.2)

  1. Please read the previous update and have patience. Emailing about the status of your application will not help because we simply do not have the info yet :)  All going well we'll be able to announce things next week.

(Update 9.2.2022)

  1. Many thanks to all the applicants for the record interst in our programme this year.
  2. The research groups are reviewing, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates during February.
  3. We hope that the decisions will all be announced by around the end of February or first week or March. Updates on the progress will be posted on this page, so please do not email AScI to ask about this. 
  4. If you are shortlisted and have pratical questions about the programme as well as travel and living in Finland, then feel free to email AScI. But please read the FAQ on the "how to apply" page first.


How to apply to the AScI internship programme
AScI summer research program: 2022 project list

Positions are potentially available in all schools within Aalto university. They are the schools of Science, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business, and Arts, Design and Architecture. Typically all the positions are in the schools of science and engineering. The positions usually last for twelve weeks in the period June to August, which is the maximum length of an AScI contract.

The students are employed as research assistants directly by the departments and research groups, and the exact timing of the employment should be agreed upon with the hosting department.

Applicants must read through the programme web pages before contacting AScI.

AScI application and selection schedule

In the selection of students, priority is given to students who have not previously studied or worked at Aalto.

Application schedule

Positions published


Applications opened 03.01.2022

Deadline for applications


Student selection and interviews


Invitation letters from Departments

mid March

Internship, Get to know Finland course, AScI seminar

June-August 2022 (12 weeks)


Activities for AScI students

  • "Get to know Finland" course. This course is offered only in June.
  • Regular Friday lunch social gatherings
  • Other social activitis and day trips
  • AScI seminar. In August, AScI will organise a joint event for students in the programme. The participants will present the scientific results of their summer work for supervisors, resident AScI academics, and other students.


All positions are located on the Aalto University Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland. (Remote employment is not possible.)


Students will be employed as research assistants by their hosting department. The salary is sufficient to cover living costs, including accommodation. The salary is determined based on experience and qualifications according to the salary system of Aalto University. The minimum salary is 1800 €/ month. In addition, a fixed travel bonus is paid.


Aalto University Student Union (AYY) makes student housing available to AScI summer employees. See AYY HOUSING.

Important information:

  • Apartments and rooms are located on the Otaniemi campus area (and other locations in Espoo and Helsinki).
  • Rental contracts can usually only be made for a fixed term of 2 to 4 months between 1st April - 31st August and it cannot be terminated.
  • Rooms are not furnished. Furniture can easily be rented from a private service provider or purchased from other students.
  • This housing is much cheaper than on the private market.

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