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Here you can find essays/blog writings and links to podcasts on topics related to human-centered living environments.

Living+ Blog: Changes to the workplace and work post-pandemic

This essay discusses the changes that COVID-19 pandemic has and will cause as to where and how we work. How will the future of workplaces look like, and what kind of effects could that have on us and the surrounding environment?

Living+ podcast: Why is a human-centered approach important?

In this podcast, we discuss the importance and different meanings of a human-centered approach to living environments - and especially on developing, organizing and governing human-centered cities.We interviewed 3 experts on these topics from a think tank, municipality and a consulting company.  


Episode 1: Human-centered smart cities  with Maria Malho

In English

Maria Malho from think tank Demos Helsinki is sharing her perspectives on the human-centric approach by focusing on the context of (Nordic) smart cities.

What are the strengths and limits of the "people-centered" concept?

How well are Nordic countries doing in developing human-centered cities?

You will also learn about the People-first vision for smart cities developed by Demos Helsinki together with 4 biggest cities in Finland, as well as their ongoing work in building a Nordic smart city -model in collaboration with other Nordic countries. 

Listen here.  


Episode 2: Co-development & City as a Service - with Katja Hagman

In Finnish

Katja Hagman from City of Espoo shares how Espoo promotes human-centeredness by actively co-developing the city and the services together with citizens and other stakeholders and by facilitating its innovation ecosystem. This is also visible in City of Espoo’s slogans like “Make with Espoo” (and in Finnish “Tehdään yhdessä Espoo”).

Tune in also for the following questions:

How does the human-centered approach boost city’s competitiveness and attractiveness?

How is co-creation connected to sustainability?

What is a City as a Service -model?  

Listen here (in Finnish). 

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