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About LeGroup

The Learning Environments Research Group (LeGroup) was founded in 1998 when the Aalto Media Lab launched its initiative on future learning environments in cooperation with the Centre for Research on Networked Learning and Knowledge Building at the University of Helsinki. Since then the group has collaborated in, generated and coordinated several research and development projects at national, Nordic and European levels.
Media Lab Demo Day - Learning Environments Research Group

The LeGroup carries out research and design in the areas of:

  • Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL);
  • Information and communication technology (ICT) in learning (tablets, mobile phones, touch screens, PDAs, PCs, VR/AR etc.);
  • ICT in creative group work and design;
  • ICT in empowerment through learning; and
  • Learning environments enhanced with technology.

The group’s approach to research and design of New Media and learning is theory-based but design-oriented. This means that besides the academic research papers the outcomes of the group are often software systems, software prototypes, applications, and scenarios.

The group’s works are based on the social constructivist theory that sees learning as participation in social processes of knowledge construction. The members of the group come from very different backgrounds covering education, computer science, and design, but they all share the same pedagogical thinking.

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