The European Research Council funding

ERC funding is awarded to leading researchers for pioneering work at the frontiers of science. Scientific excellence is the sole criterion on the basis of which ERC frontier research grants are awarded.

ERC funding awards are categorized according to the professional stage: Starting Grants are for top researchers with 2 to 7 years experience after Ph.D., Consolidator Grants for those with 7–12 years experience after Ph.D., and Advance Grants supports established researchers known as leaders in their respective field of research. In addition, ERC grant recipients may apply for Proof of Concept funding as a recognition of the innovative potential of their ERC work and to support its commercial use. There are several ERC grants in the field of materials hosted by Aalto University.

ERC Advanced Grant funding

  • Professor Pertti Hakonen: Quantum devices in topological matter: carbon nanotubes, graphene, and novel superfluids

  • Academy Professor Olli Ikkala: Field-driven materials for functions, dissipation, and mimicking Pavlovian adaptation
    • ERC Advanced Grant: Biomimetics for Functions and Responses
  • Professor Maarit Karppinen: Molecular-Layer-Engineered Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials
    • ERC Proof of Concept: Novel Thermoelectric Energy Solutions based on Flexible Thin-Film Materials
  • Academy Professor Päivi Törmä: Condensation in designed systems

ERC Consolidator Grant funding

  • Assistant Professor Paula Hohti: Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups, Fashion and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe, 1550-1650
  • Visiting Professor Emma Master: Bio-derived High Value polymers through novel Enzyme function
  • Assistant Professor Robin Ras: Superslippery Liquid-Repellent Surfaces
  • Professor Mika Sillanpää: Cavity quantum phonon dynamics

ERC Starting Grant funding

  • Professor Sebastiaan van Dijken:  Electric-Field Control of Magnetic Domain Wall Motion and Fast Magnetic Switching: Magnetoelectrics at Micro, Nano, and Atomic Length Scales
  • Postdoctoral researcher Michael Hummel: Unlocking the Entire Wood Matrix for the Next Generation of Carbon Fibers
  • Professor Peter Liljeroth: Atomically precise nanoelectronic materials
  • Researcher Jani Oksanen: In-cavity thermophotonic cooling
  • Professor Hele Savin: Riddle of light induced degradation in silicon photovoltaics
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