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Photography workshop series for materials scientists

Join us to improve your photography and visual storytelling skills!
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About the course

This course goes through the whole photography workflow at a practical level: the aim is to provide a step-by-step guide for participants and show how to shoot better quality images for scientific use, whether it is for online publications, print media, presentations, or posters.

With professional photography teacher Tiina Puputti, the participants go through the photography essential elements and use them right away during the hands-on sessions. The workshop consists of four sessions (around 5 hours each), which include theoretical lectures, practical photoshoot demonstrations (≈3 hours), workshop, and image feedback (≈2 hours) with a short break included.

Register here: deadline 15 October 2019

Course schedule

We have 4 contact sessions in total, every Tuesday, starting on October 29th starting right at noon:

  • 29th of October 2019, 12:30- 17:30
  • 5th of November 2019, 12:30- 17:30
  • 12th of November 2019, 12:30- 17:30
  • 19th of November 2019, 12:30- 17:30
  • 3rd of December 2019, 12:30-17:30 <-Exhibition preparation

The exact locations (workshop room in Otaniemi campus) will be shared later with the participants of the course.

    Tiina Puputti, photo

    Course teacher Tiina Puputti

    Tiina Puputti, M.Ed., is an experienced photographer and well-known photography trainer.  She has worked with photography since 1995 and was involved in the planning of the training content and arranging the courses for photographers and other professionals who need photography in their work. 

    Tiina's target during training is to inspire the participants to develop their photography skills keeping their own goals and needs in mind. In addition, she seeks to share practical knowledge on different areas of photography that the learners can apply in throughout their learning process.

    More info about Tiina: tiinapuputti.com

    Course practicalities

    • Registration via the application form is mandatory for all participants.
    • Having your own camera is highly recommended. Please: bring your own camera to work with.
    • The event and our activities will most likely be photographed and videotaped. While participating in this course, you agree to be video-recorded and photographed as a part of an event carried out within the Aalto University Materials Platform. Promotional materials that might be developed throughout the course might be visible for a broader audience. All rights will remain at Aalto University and the photographer.
    • It is possible to get 1 study credit for the course. In order to do so, you should be able to fulfill the completion requirements: participate in 75 % of the contact sessions (both theory and practical exercises), submit all the homework, and participate in the final display of the results. Detailed information will be available for course participants at our first meeting.
    • The course will be held in English.

    MyCourse space for registered students

    Photo course for scientists with Tiina Puputti_Valeria Azovskaya 2017

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