Aalto Materials Platform

Materials samples photos and photography consulting

The Materials Platform offers photography sessions of materials research samples

We regularly offer a number of visualization services to promote and popularise Aalto University materials research and its discoveries. Most often, we organize photography sessions of materials research samples.

Casted wood chips, researcher Heidi Turunen, photo Valeria Azovskaya

Casted wood chips

Researcher Heidi Turunen, photo Valeria Azovskaya

Lithium ion battery electrodes and cells, researcher Taina Rauhala, photo Valeria Azovskaya, 2017

Lithium-ion battery electrodes and cells

Researcher Taina Rauhala, photo Valeria Azovskaya

F2T friction flash to tube, researcher Asko Rantanen, photo Valeria Azovskaya

F2T: friction flash to tube

Researcher Asko Rantanen, photo Valeria Azovskaya

Lignin particles and samples, researcher Guillaume Riviere, photo Valeria Azovskaya 2018

Lignin particles and samples

Researcher Guillaume Riviere, photo Valeria Azovskaya

Black silicon photodetector, researcher Juha Heinonen, photo Valeria Azovskaya

Black silicon photodetector

Researcher Juha Heinonen, photo Valeria Azovskaya

Photography is a great tool to support scientific communication to include in:

  1. Presentations
  2. Websites
  3. Press releases
  4. Journal articles
  5. Theses
  6. Funding applications of any kind
  7. Teaching materials
  8. Digital and printed marketing materials for a researcher, a research group, or a university department or unit

Materials samples photo sessions are organized a few times a year. All Aalto University researchers are welcomed to participate!

You can find information about upcoming events on our main page in the ‘Current and upcoming events’ section.

Photography services and requests

Depending on time constraints and the nature of your request, we might be able to consult and help with establishing the best photography practices for your project or unit. We could help you with:

  1. Working on your own creative brief for a photography project and defining the deliverables,
  2. Advising on the hiring process of a graphic designer, videographer, or photographer,
  3. Spotting potential collaborators.

Materials Platform is happy to consult and support high-impact, university-level proposals related to materials science or unique collaborative initiatives. For individual or research group assistance, you could consider hiring a photographer or other visualization expert within your own budget. We can help you with the creative brief and offer advice on hiring the best person for you.

    Mixed materials composition, photo by Eeva Suorlahti 2017

    Most common photography requests:

    1. Event photography or photography to document a special visit,

    2. Photographing in the lab (equipment, processes, researchers at work) or a research demonstration,

    3. Photo session for a research group or a particular project (e.g., grant applications or websites),

    4. Portrait photography.

    In most cases, our consultation helps you to proceed and fulfill the request. We provide a good starting point for finding professional help for your project or refer you to a service suitable for your request. For more information, please email us:

    Heidi Henrickson

    Valeria Azovskaya

    When you send the consultation request, please make sure to mention the following:

    1. Your position and Department / School,
    2. Project aim, a short description of the service needed,
    3. Project timeline and priority level,
    4. Project budget,
    5. Research project supervisor.
    Event 'Sensors in Aalto', photo Glen Forde, 2018
    Sensors in Aalto, photo Glen Forde

    Materials Platform photo bank for Aalto users

    Over the last two years, the Materials Platform has supported materials researchers by piloting a photography service. Our designers and photographers have taken dozens of photographs of Aalto research materials and events organized by the Materials Platform and our collaborators.

    You can access our collection, which is organized according to the main photography themes. The link to the photo bank is available below. Please note that you need to be logged in as an Aalto user.

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