Aalto Health Platform

Management in H&W

In this subarea, we are significantly active in healthcare operations management (HOM) and related policy research. The objectives are to understand health services as socio-techno-economic systems of processes, to develop and validate new methods for management, and to inform policy. We approach these topics from the paradigmatic approaches of management studies and systems-analytical research.

We are significantly active in this research on all levels, from the patient-process level via the department, hospital, and regional levels to the level of national healthcare systems and policy.

Specifically, on the micro level, we study processes such as operating-room management and patient logistics. On the meso level, the objects of inquiry are regional service networks, resource allocation decisions, and care pathways. For the macro level, our research provides essential input to health policy, such as consequence analysis and evaluations of policies.

We work closely with health service providers, both public and private, and develop insights and tools for process analysis and regional service system design. The current and near-future research focuses are on management innovations and their diffusion, choice architectures to support patient empowerment, impact of emerging technologies, and the development of outcome-based metrics and management methods.

Professors active in the area:

  • Paul Lillrank (Chair), Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Katariina Kemppainen, Department of Information and Service Economy
  • Teemu Kautonen, Department of Management Studies
  • Katri Kauppi, Department of Information and Service Economy
  • Teemu Malmi, Department of Accounting
  • Lasse Mitronen, Department of Marketing
  • Kristiina Mäkelä, Department of Management Studies
  • Niina Nurmi, Department of Management Studies
  • Antti Peltokorpi, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Ahti Salo, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
  • Otto Toivanen, Department of Economics
  • Matti Vartiainen, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Ari Vepsäläinen, Department of Information and Service Economy

Please contact the professors directly, or, as a general contact, please approach Markus Mäkelä.

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