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Quality evaluations link to enhancement work

Quality evaluations are linked to enhancement works through a participatory approach
Students studying together. Photo by Aino Huovio

Quality management is a collective activity at Aalto. The principle of continuous improvement (PDCA) is integrated into everyday activities. Structured feedback channels ensure that every Aalto employee has sufficient opportunities to influence and participate in the development of operations. The Leadership Support Services provides annual orientation on the key strategic issues and annual clock processes relevant to every academic year to student representatives sitting in various management units to enhance their impact on the university's decision-making. Aalto also communicates to students, staff and stakeholders about improvements implemented based on their feedback.

Aalto's quality culture promotes participation, open discussion and continuous improvements in operations. The diagram below depicts Aalto's participatory approach to conducting quality evaluations and processing, communicating and utilising the information obtained from these evaluations in development activities.

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