Aalto Festival

CANCELLED: Aalto Festival 2020

Each year, Aalto Festival celebrates the collisions, experiments, calculations, disruptions, surprises and more happening throughout the month of May at Aalto University.


The festival takes place during 15 May–12 June 2020 showcasing the many talents of Aalto University including numerous seminars, lectures, exhibitions and parties.

Each year, as the weather starts to turn and the sun returns to Finland, the students, faculty and researchers of Aalto University put their hard work on display.  

By the end of May, well over 60 events in total will happen, for instance our PdP Gala, Millennium Talks, the Näytös fashion show, and campus and ecosystem of creative fields-focused Hook '20.

Coming up in 2020 at Aalto Festival

A listing of some of the many events happening this year. This listing is updated as the events are being published by the respective organisers.

Visualizing Democracy VK21
Conferences and workshops

Visualizing Knowledge 2021

VK21 invites you into a collective exploration of democracy and the role of knowledge visualization in democracy. Now, more than ever, the visualization of knowledge plays a vital role in the democratic process. Topics we will explore include; open data, visualizations in elections, government reports for decisionmakers, democratic journalism, the accessibility of data and information, and the visualization of global themes and concerns.

VK20 brings together visualization experts, researchers, educators, innovators, and enthusiasts to envision how we can make democracy more visual, and thereby, enabling more people to be informed participants in democracy. We will collaboratively ideate and imagine how data visualization and information design can be utilized to unleash the potential of democracy.
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