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EIT Festival Programme

The 2019 EIT Festival included a series of events around the Otaniemi campus, showcasing innovators and entrepreneurs and their success stories highlighting how the EIT delivers innovative solutions to grand societal challenges. Moreover, it will offer an opportunity to network with the EIT Community paving the way for future collaboration.
Aalto EIT Services Javor
EIT Festival - 2 October @Aalto
Aalto EIT Services Javor

2019 EIT Festival - Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Future (EXPO)

Time 09:00-16:30

Venue: Väre at Aalto University

for... Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The center of activities during the EIT Festival is the Research & Innovation for Sustainable Future Exhibition in the VÄRE building in the epicenter of the campus. There will be more than 30 exhibitors during the EXPO and a main stage with fascinating presentations on topics like Open Innovation, the future of education and entrepreneurial stories during the whole day. Please check out the list of exhibitors and the stage programme below!

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RMUD: Education for a Sustainable Future – The Hands-on Experience

Time:  09:00-15:30

Venue: Multiple locations @Aalto (Väre, ChemArts Lab, AddLab, JuniorLab, Geo Exhibition GTK)

for... Students

Aalto University Junior organizes guided tours for high school students at Otaniemi campus sites (such as ChemArts, AddLab and GTK), as well as circular economy workshops at JuniorLab. You can book a tour for your class (approx. 20 students) and a timeline below the link below. You can select multiple items for the same group. Even larger groups can enter the event square freely.

Questions? - [email protected]

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JA Board Game Brunch (Nuori Yrittäjyys)

Time: 09:00-11:00 & 13:00 - 15:00

Venue: Väre at Aalto University

for... Students & Researchers

Circular Economy requires a new kind of thinking and attitude. This event aims at encouraging University students to innovate in the form of Board game with a brunch.

Let’s innovate together and turn that trash to cash! Come and find out how you can recycle and reuse existing resources by playing Circula. All you need to take along is a positive mindset.

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EIT Talent Match

Time: 12:30-16:00

Venue: Väre at Aalto University

for... Students & Businesses

This event is targeting students from EIT labelled programs who seek for internship placement in industry to do their master’s thesis or vice versa, for industry looking for students. This event is helping industry and students to find each other. Internships in the industry are an integral part of the EIT master's programs in educating technology professionals with understanding and competence in business.

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Digitally Circular

Time: 09:00-11:30

Venue: Väre at Aalto University

for... Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The event brings together digital experts, business leaders and circular economy professionals to discuss the future of circular economy.

Circular economy is widely discussed as the next step in more efficient and sustainable resource use. But implementing circular economy will require an engine that can provide data as well as bring together players and resources in a new way. Digital solutions can provide this engine.

More info: https://digitally-circular.fi/

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Upskill Digital Workforce

Time: 10:00-12:30

Venue: Herlin Learning Center at Aalto University

The market demand for upskilling is huge. According to World Economic Forum’s report on the Future of Jobs,  54 % of the employees need to be reskilled or upskilled by 2022.

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EIT Digital Doctoral School Graduation

Time: 13:00-16:00

Venue: Open Innovation House at Aalto University

for... Students

This event celebrates the graduation of EIT Digital Doctoral School students. EIT Digital Doctoral School provides education to tomorrow’s leaders with excellent technical knowledge and the capability to transform technology into business. In the graduation ceremony we are celebrating the hard work and success of PhD students who have completed the EIT Digital Doctoral School program.

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EIT, Powering Innovation Across Europe

Time: 16:00-19:30

Venue: Väre at Aalto University

for... Students, Researchers, Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Which are the key ingredients of successful innovation ecosystems and Why is it important to enhance links between them? What is the role of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in building sustainable ecosystems and powering innovation across Europe? Join us for this Policy Dialogue and get the answers from key policy-makers, innovators and entrepreneurs!


Aalto EIT Services

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