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EIT Climate-KIC

The Climate-KIC Community

EIT Climate-KIC has more than 400 global Community Members spanning universities, businesses, cities and NGOs, giving us an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and expertise. We catalyse and support innovation for climate action, but it is our Community who make that innovation happen.
What is ClimateHIVE?

ClimateHIVE is a dedicated platform for members of our Community to explore what is happening across the Climate-KIC ecosystem, connect with each other and find opportunities for collaboration.

In the ClimateHIVE platform, members are able to:
-sign up to attend Community meetings, events and networking opportunities
-share your own events with other Community members
-connect with each other, join groups (sub-communities based on particular areas of interest), share opportunities and updates
-access Community resources, insights and learning reports
-create and participate in Community discussion forums
-access information about funding and learning opportunities available to the Community, including early access to information about Climate-KIC Calls
-participate in matchmaking and consortia-building for funding opportunities, as well as access tips and tricks from Climate-KIC and the Community to increase funding chances
-receive general and tailored policy updates and opportunities to attend policy events

Register to ClimateHIVE for partners https://climate-hive.org/
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