Aalto Digi Platform

What is the Digi Platform?

The Aalto Digi Platform brings together Aalto's competences in the multidisciplinary area of digitalization. Get to know our activities here.
Audience listening to presentation at Aalto Sensors event in Design Factory

Bringing Academia & Industry Closer

The most visible part of this work are our public events, free and open to anyone interested in digital technologies.

Digi breakfasts feature inspiring expert talks, panel discussions, and, of course, networking by a tasty breakfast.

In our matchmaking events, researchers can showcase their work and get to know prospective partners in the industry. 

Explore our upcoming and past events!

Bottom-up Initiatives: Community Events

Digital transformation is related to all schools and research areas in Aalto. We want to help build a research-oriented community of students and scholars that brings together people from all disciplines.

Read more about our continuous event support call.


Initiatives we have supported:

Avoin luentosarja: Sosiaalisen median ilmiöt

Aalto Artificial Intelligence Society

Aalto Digital Humanities Pizza Seminar (Get to know Digital Humanities in Aalto)

Brain & Mind Computational Breakfast Seminar

Comnet 5G IoThon 2019

Games Now! Dinners

Hel Tech: Helsinki's Tech Meetup

Helsinki Design Meetup

Young Researchers' Workshop on Machine Learning for Materials Science 2019


Seed Funding

Calls for seed funding (up to 30 000 euros) for research groups are open twice a year. Digi Platform board evaluates the applications related to digital technologies.

Note: No seed funding is granted in 2020.

More about Aalto Platforms

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What is the Aalto Networking Platform?

The Aalto Networking Platform facilitates transdisciplinary actions in 7 thematic areas. It brings together Aalto's expertise across departments and supports networking and collaboration.

Research & Art
Metals_photo Eeva Suorlahti fir Materials Platform

Aalto Materials Platform

We promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication to advance the field of materials science and its applications.

Aalto Living+ Platform banner image including the title Living+.

Aalto Living+ Platform

Living+ Platform supports multi- and transdisciplinary research on human-centered living environments, one of Aalto University's key research areas.

An Aalto pen lying on the page of a study book, students working in the background / photo by Aalto University, Aino Huovio

Aalto Health Platform

Health and Wellbeing focus areas include biomedical engineering, neuroscience, biomaterials, digital health, and health management and design.

Aalto University Experience Platform

Aalto Experience Platform

Experiences cover all areas of life and give it meaning. We foster research combining scientific, artistic, technological, and business angles on human experiences.

Entrepreneursip Platform at A Grid

Aalto Entrepreneurship Platform

We offer “one-stop” entrepreneurship guidance at Aalto. We support cross-organizational and unit-level collaboration in all Aalto entrepreneurship activities.

Aalto Energy Efficiency / Image by Helén Marton

Aalto Energy Platform

Energy meets information, materials, and society. Our focus is in sustainable energy solutions. We organize and gather energy-related research and activities.

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