Digital Humanities in Aalto

Digital Humanities and Pizza: what do they have in common?
A person using a computer in a historical setting.

Digital humanities (DH) incorporates digital methodology, such as natural language processing and machine learning, to areas related to human society and culture. In Aalto, topics of DH research include economic and industrial history, exploring new research methods (such as text mining), semantic web, media studies, design, online learning, and cultural heritage.

A weekly informal get-together has helped digital humanities researchers, scattered in many research groups in Aalto and University of Helsinki, to meet new colleagues and kick off new publication ideas. The weekly Aalto DH pizza seminar is an initiative for bringing together people at Aalto and around interested in the broad field of digital humanities and digital research methods. The meetings gather participants from all schools around lunch and a talk on latest ongoing research.   

DH Pizza Lunch Seminar at University of Helsinki website

Petri Paju (Aalto ENG) talking about the evolution of IT use. Picture: Aaro Sahari 2018, CC BY 4.0
A more recent take on IT use at the campus.

The lunch seminars include discussion and a presentation on DH research-in-progress or project.

On the right, Petri Paju (Aalto ENG) discusses the evolution of IT use.

Picture: Aaro Sahari 2018, CC BY 4.0

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