Aalto X Reality

This Digi & Experience after work event gathered XR developers, artists and researchers under one roof.
Aalto X Reality Keynote PiP by Matti Ahlgren

Over 200 virtual and augmented reality enthusiasts gathered at Design Factory for demos, dinner and drinks. 

The starting keynotes offered an interesting contrast of what XR means at Aalto. Daniel Landau, media artist and Aalto PhD candidate, discussed the notions of body and identity in virtual reality. Technology gives us a chance to take a safe step out of our social bubble: a project by Landau invites Israeli to Palestinian homes, and vice versa, through virtual reality. 

However, immersive experiences may be hindered if telling reality from computer-generated surroundings is trivial. What comes to XR, amazing visual experiences start from understanding human perception! Our second keynote speaker, Antti Peuhkurinen from Varjo Technologies, explained how incredibly high-definition resolution can be achieved by knowing how the human eye works. 

The ignite talks and demos showcased industry applications, game-makers, learning and XR, art and virtual cinema. 

We hope that this evening led into interesting encounters between technologists and story-tellers alike! 

Watch the recorded keynotes and ignite talks here! 

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