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About us

Aalto ARTS Books publishes high-quality books on art, design and architecture.

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Latest releases

Latest releases in English from Aalto ARTS Books

Aalto ARTS Books
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Bestselling books on art, design and architecture

Aalto ARTS Books
Aalto Arts Books book wall. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen

Open Access Research Literature

Free access to information and research is a core value for Aalto University. We have gathered here a selection of Aalto ARTS Books publications that are available to download and read for free.

Aalto ARTS Books
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Doctoral dissertations

Latest doctoral dissertations from the school of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Aalto ARTS Books

Latest news

Interwoven-kirjan harmaansävyinen kansi, jossa on kuparilankainen kudos.
Research & Art Published:

Interwoven dives into textile design and weaving

Interwoven is a joyoys exploration into woven textile design with almost 500 pages and over 1500 photographs.
Mustavalkokuvassa nainen baskeri päässä istuu lattialla
Research & Art Published:
Kuva: Heidi Fast
Research & Art Published:
Designing Change book covers. Visual design: Cleo Bade
Research & Art Published:

Design builds transformation capacity

The book Designing Change is a quick and readable cross-section of Aalto's world-leading design research


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