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Aalto ARTS Books publishes high-quality publications in the fields of art, design and architecture.

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Defence in the field of Design: MA Julia Valle Noronha

"Becoming with Clothes" explores paths to more active relationships between people and the things they wear. It offers reflections on a matter that touches us all: the ways humans and clothes interact.

Defence in the Field of Museology: DEA Shuchen Wang

The Dunhuang collections are very little discussed in the field of
museology or critical heritage studies.Atoms and Bits of Cultural Heritage bridges this knowledge gap by exploring the public uses of Dunhuang objects.

Defence in the field of Landscape Architecture: M.Sc. Outi Tahvonen

The ‘urban green’ concept should be considered in the context of multi-scalar green infrastructure (GI) designed to face the complex challenges of contemporary cities. GI is a spatial network that includes all urban greenspaces and penetrates all land-use categories regardless of their primary function.

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