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Aalto ARTS Books publishes books from the fields of art, design and architecture: peer-reviewed research publications, textbooks and manuals, art books, non-fiction for all and doctoral dissertations from ARTS. We are the publishing house of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS).

Our books are available to buy in our webshop. Our open access books are available there as well for free.

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Aalto ARTS Books publishes high-quality books on art, design and architecture.

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Bestselling books on art, design and architecture

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Open Access Research Literature

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Doctoral theses

Latest doctoral theses from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture produced by Aalto ARTS Books

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Kirsi Peltonen & Taneli Luotoniemi (Eds.): Shapes in Action
Research & Art Published:

Explorations in the realms of mathematics, art, design and architecture

Shapes in Action is a book for all those interested in interdisciplinary research and education.
Front and back covers of book called Unfolding Public Art. Text in red, book covers in sand colour.
Research & Art, University Published:

Unfolding public art book discusses the role of public art at Aalto University

Unfolding public art book is based on the university's art collection
Design historian Kaisu Savola, photo by Sanna Lehto
Research & Art Published:

Kaisu Savola: ‘The 1960s and 1970s saw a change in the values of Finnish design’

I claim series presents Kaisu Savola, who explores a generation of design students and design professionals in Finland, in the 1960s and 1970s, as they became aware of the two contradictory faces of design.
Vaaleatukkainen nainen katsoo suoraan kameraan ja hymyilee, hänen edessään on tiheä vihreä kasviviidakko
Awards and Recognition Published:

The Textile Artist of the Year is Laura Isoniemi

The Textile Artist of the Year award is the most prestigious textile art award in Finland.
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