5G Research

Carrier Grade Virtual Mobile Core Networking

Carrier Grade Virtual Mobile Core Networking
Aalto university / kuva: Aino Huovio

Overall Objective – Research Focus:

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Management and Orchestration:

  • Performance/reliability constraint-based VNF placement
  • Service-aware resource cloud assessment and allocation
    • QoS/QoE Prediction based service level management
    • Auto-tuning of VMs running VNF
    • Support of user/NW elasticity in carrier cloud
  • Opportunistic improvements to EPS and its nodes for NFV
    • Adaptability of EPC VNF to the dynamic & frequent re-distribution & scaling
    • EPC VNF virtualization patterns
    • Lightweight EPC design
  • Service resiliency in carrier cloud

Novel approaches for RAN and CN congestion management in 5G networks

  • Restricted access grants
  • Selective content drop zones
  • Agile wireless connection steering
  • NFV application for dynamic service chaining to cope with mobile social traffic
  • NFV application for the creation of virtual mobile networks and selectively offloading MTC services there (see next slide)

MTC Service-dedicated Virtual Mobile Networking:

Follow Me Cloud Concept: “Service Mobility”:

Research Focus:

Algorithms and mechanisms for service migration:

  •     Migration control (when to migrate what)
  •     Resource management (slicing, sliding, clean-up)
  •     Fast and secure VM migration
  •     Migration transparency to user

Algorithms for efficient user service and content distribution/replication:

  •    Where and when to place what

Interworking functions between “service layer” and “mobile network layer”:

  •     Mechanisms for cloud-aware gateway selection
  •     Service continuity support with no impact on mobile communication standards
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