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Centre for General Studies

Foundations and General Studies are at the heart of Aalto’s commitment to arts and design, a standard bearer for what innovation and creative work means. The curriculum is an essential introduction for students to new ideas and ways of working. It challenges them to not only understand the world, but also to see the power of imaginative work to rethink it, to have not just a career, but, in fact, a vocation.

Studies at Foundation and General Studies require also studio work for Bachelor's students; an introduction to art history and theory; and language and communication modules.

Foundation and General Studies also offers elective classes open for all students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. These include:

·               Drawing and painting
·               Sculpture
·               Colour and perception
·               Printmaking
·               Contemporary art
·               Digital arts
·               Art history and theory

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Christopher Bratton

Department of Art
Professor of Practice

Nina Sjölund

Dean's Unit of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Planning officer
Sanna Väisänen

Sanna Väisänen

Dean's Unit of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture