Campus restaurants and cafes

Information on the lunch-time restaurants and cafes on the Aalto University campuses. Please check each restaurant’s and cafe’s own website for information on varying opening hours.
Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Otaniemi – A summary of the daily menus in Otaniemi.



Restaurants and cafes closed during the following dates

Alvari (
(Fazer Food Services)


Silinteri ( (Fazer Food Services)


Aino cafe ( (Fazer Food Services)


Elissa cafe (Fazer Food Services)

21 May – 2 September 

TUAS ( (Fazer Food Services)


Dipoli (Fazer Food Services)


A Bloc, Otaniementie 12 (Fazer Food Services)


Hav a Java cafe (Fazer Food Services) 


Täffä (


Kvarkki (Sodexo Oy)


Konetekniikka Otakaari 4 (Sodexo Oy) 

21 May – 2 September 

Computer  Science building  Konemiehentie 2 (Sodexo Oy) 


Valimo (Sodexo Oy)


OIH cafe, Maarintie 6 (Sodexo)


Subway (Konemiehentie 2)


MAU KAS Kemistintie 1


Robert's Coffee Otaniementie 9


Studio Kipsari Otakaari 7 (Tokyo ry)


Kipsari, Otaniementie 14 (Tokyo ry)


Factory, Otakaari 5 


A map of Otaniemi’s restaurants and cafes (




Restaurants and cafes closed during the following dates

Proffa ( (Fazer Food Services)


Chydenia ( (Fazer Food Services)

18 May – 10 September 

Rafla ( (Fazer Food Services)