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Institutionen för datateknik erbjuder studier på kandidat- och magisterstudier samt doktorandprogram. Läs mer om studier vid institutionen för datateknik på engelska nedan.
Department of Computer Science photo Matti Ahlgren

Ansökan till magisterutbildning

Ansökan till Aalto-universitetets två-åriga magisterprogram görs inom ramen för universitetets magisteransökan, som ordnas en gång per år. Ansökningstiden för studier som inleds hösten 2020 är 2.12.2019–3.1.2020.

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Aalto University Master students

What Computer Scientists do?

Stories about Computer Science students and researchers - who are they, what they do? Computer Science is a lot more than just coding.

Pietari Keskinen

Towards a better world by understanding context and user

Studies in information networks helped Pietari Keskinen to realise that making the world a better place calls for understanding of context, instead of hard technology.

Ana Triana Hoyos (vasemmalla) ja Talayeh Aledavood tekivät tutkimuskatsauksen mielenterveyspotilaiden unta seuraavista sovelluksista ja laitteista. Kuva Matti Ahlgren / Aalto-yliopisto

Apps and wearable technology help to track sleep of people with mental health disorders

According to the findings of a recent review article, this type of technology could even help to recognize factors that correlate with mental health disorders

Iiris Sundin katselee taivaalle Laajalahden lintutornilla

When physician and AI work together, the patient benefits

Doctoral student Iiris Sundin learned in her studies that a machine learning model could make use of a physician's silent knowledge which usually is never written down. This kind of model predicts best how a given patient will react to specific treatment.

Apulaisprofessori Arno Solin
Vetenskap & konst Publicerat:

”Jag blev intresserad av maskininlärning redan innan jag kände till begreppet”

Under sommaren beviljade Finlands Akademi finansiering för den yngre forskargenerationen – bland dem Arno Solin som har ett stort intresse för maskininlärning, där man kan bekanta sig med både teori och problem ur det vardagliga livet.
Kun tietotekniikan laitoksen uusi apulaisprofessori Elisa Mekler teki väitöskirjaansa, pelillistämisen tutkiminen psykologisesta, teoreettisesta näkökulmasta motivaatioteorioita hyödyntäen oli uutta. "Sitä ei yksinkertaisesti tehty aikaisemmin", Mekler sanoo.
Utnämningar, Vetenskap & konst Publicerat:

Biträdande professor Elisa Mekler: Spelande kan hjälpa till med att klara sig ur svåra livssituationer och öka välmåendet

Biträdande professor Elisa Mekler har märkt att datorspel kan hjälpa människor att klara sig ur svåra livssituationer. Det innebär en ny utmaning för spelutvecklare.
Four Aalto University students working on their laptops in lounge area / photo by Unto Rautio

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Acoustics and Audio Technology

The major in Acoustics and Audio Technology gives fundamental knowledge about acoustical phenomena, human hearing and audio technologies, and facilitates students to apply this knowledge in practice. Acoustics and Audio Technology is one of the majors offered in the Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences (CCIS).

Aalto University / students working togeher / photography Aino Huovio

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Computer Science

Computing is one of the technologies thoroughly transforming our future, with software pervading all areas of human activity: industry, commerce, healthcare, media, and even art. Disruptive computing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchains, cloud computing and the web lead to revolutionary innovations, and pushing the boundaries of computation gives rise to fascinating scientific challenges.

Two Aalto University students working on a laptop together / photo by Unto Rautio

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Communications Engineering

Our world is digitally revolutionised, highlighting the increasing importance of internet technologies, wireless communication and communications ecosystems. The Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Communications Engineering covers both theoretical fundamentals and the hottest hands-on applications of communications technology, including topics like 5G, IoT, machine learning, and cybersecurity. The study option consists of a hard technological core surrounded by human-centred behavioural economics and sciences.

Aalto University / Climbing wall / Photography Mikko Raskinen

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Game Design and Production

Game Design and Production is a multidisciplinary major that tightly integrates students from different backgrounds. Students create and analyze games, experiment with new technologies and design approaches, and meet like-minded talent with whom to build the future of games and interactive experiences.

Aalto university / students at computer / photo by Unto Rautio

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Human-Computer Interaction

How can artificial intelligence change the way we interact with computers? What will come after the mouse and keyboard? Human-Computer Interaction educates future leaders who study, innovate, and improve information technology for the benefit of the people and society. The study option distinguishes itself internationally by a focus on computational and engineering methods. The rigorous curriculum offers a unique opportunity for students of computer science and engineering to learn how to apply technical approaches in human-computer interaction. The study option is based on outstanding HCI research at Aalto University. The university was recently ranked #21 worldwide in research impact in the area of HCI.


Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is one of the strong points of Aalto University. This solid education in modern computational data analysis gives you excellent opportunities for a career in research institutions or in the private sector in the rapidly developing fields of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Aalto University / hands working on a laptop / phography Aino Huovio

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Security and Cloud Computing

Studies in Security and Cloud Computing give students a broad understanding of the latest and future technologies for secure mobile and cloud computing systems.

SSE aalto

Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Software and Service Engineering

Studies in Software and Service Engineering teach students how to design, develop, and manage digital products and services.

Aalto University / students at Aalto University / photo by Aino Huovio

Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies

The Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies offers a multidisciplinary curriculum focusing on important technologies for current and future biomedical research.


Master's programmes in EIT Digital Master School

The EIT Digital Master School offers double degree programmes in which you can choose two universities in two different European countries. The EIT Digital Master School combines technical competence with skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Read more about the EIT Digital Master School.

The Master's programmes can be studied entirely in English.

Master's Programme in ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School) - Autonomous Systems

The Autonomous Systems (AUS) study programme is a combination of computer science and electrical engineering. During the programme, students will gain new skills in both areas.

EIT logo and a circuit board

Master's Programme in ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School) - Data Science

The Data Science Master’s offers a unique two-year academic programme, where students study data science, innovation and entrepreneurship at two different leading European universities.

Cabels and EIT logo

Master's Programme in ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School) – Human-Computer Interaction and Design

The Human-Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) master’s programme is an interdisciplinary programme where our User-Centred Design approach places the users at the centre of the design process. By combining human aspects to technological and business aspects, we create new products and services with great usability and user experience.

Robot, cables and EIT logo

Master's Programme in ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School) – Visual Computing and Communication

Visual Computing and Communication is an interdisciplinary programme at the intersection of computer science and information technology focusing on the acquisition, processing, analysis, transmission, and rendering of visual information, including aspects of learning and decision making.

EIT logo and a circuit board

Hela utbildningsutbud i Aalto-universitetet

Two students studying at Aalto University



Doctoral Programme in Science

The Doctoral Programme in Science is a multidisciplinary programme with a unique combination of science, technology and business. The research done is committed to high standards of international excellence and the aim is to educate doctors in different research fields to tackle increasingly complex societal challenges in areas such as energy, environment, health and well-being. Multidisciplinary research work and collaboration within and outside Aalto University is highly valued.

The Doctoral Programme offers a four-year doctoral programme in physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, computer science or industrial engineering and management. Doctors graduating from this programme have knowledge and master tools for demanding academic research and teaching positions and in expert, development and management positions of the information society.

Doctoral track

PML Research Group in Department of Computer Science

Doctoral track combines Master’s and doctoral studies

Top students selected to the doctoral track can have their studies tailored towards pursuing a doctoral degree and start working in the department’s research groups already during their Master’s studies.

Department of Computer Science


The Helsinki Doctoral Education Network in Information and Communications Technology (HICT) is a collaborative doctoral education network hosted jointly by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, the two leading universities within this area in Finland. The network serves as a collaboration platform for doctoral education combining all the relevant subfields of computer science and information technology at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.

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