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Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions - Energy in Buildings and Built Environment

We are currently moving toward an energy system that has to be sustainable, smart and flexible to meet new challenges. The energy transition requires new ways of thinking about how the built environment can meet society’s needs, while being as energy efficient as possible. The Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions is an excellent place to start shaping the energy system of tomorrow.
By studying the efficient use of energy in the fields of building technology and services as well as on the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, you will work with creating sustainable and comfortable indoor environments.
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Master of Science (Technology)

Application period:

1.12.2021 – 3.1.2022

Language of instruction:



2 years, full-time


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Field of study:

Technology and Engineering


120 ECTS

Organising school:

School of Engineering

Tuition fees:

For non-EU/EEA citizens, €15000/y (Master’s studies)

The application period has closed

Applying to master’s programmes

Study languages

In this Master's Programme, the language of instruction is English.

Study objectives

We are currently moving toward an energy system that is sustainable, smart and flexible. The energy transition requires new ways of thinking about energy, including its sources, production, markets, transmission and use. The Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions is an excellent place for you to start reshaping our energy system.

The Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions is divided into four majors. Each one starts with a theoretical foundation which is then built upon in interdisciplinary studies to broaden and deepen your understanding of the energy challenges facing our society.

Energy in Buildings and Built Environment major offers you:

  • The theoretical basis and practical skills that are required in design projects and the development of novel technologies and services for energy-efficient buildings and community. The major offers advanced courses on the efficient use of energy in the fields of building technology and services as well as on the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The major includes courses of high-performing HVAC systems and indoor environmental quality.
  • Understanding of the challenges and opportunities of sustainable energy in buildings. The major prepares students for current and future challenges in construction and building services engineers. Besides identifying these challenges, you will learn how to design and implement solutions for healthy, smart and sustainable indoor environments.
  • Experience from the field. You will have hands-on experience related to the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and testing. 

The other majors of the Advanced Energy Solutions programme are:

  • Industrial Energy Processes
  • Energy in Buildings and Built Environment
  • Energy Systems and Markets  

Content of the studies

A vast majority of people already live in cities, yet urbanization is still an ongoing phenomenon. Developing energy-efficient buildings and cities is crucially important, but they must also result in healthy, comfortable, smart and productive indoor environments.

Buildings are currently responsible for 40 % of primary energy consumption and roughly half of electricity consumption. Countries all around Europe and the world have awoken to the need to reduce the amount of energy used in the buildings. In the EU, all new buildings should be nearly zero energy buildings by 2020 and by 2050, equivalent CO2 emissions from the building sector should be reduced by 90 % compared to 1990 levels.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the major, the student will:

  • Have an understanding of multidisciplinary aspects of energy efficiency  
  • Have an understanding of the methods to improve energy efficiency
  • Will be aware of how to utilize renewable energy sources in buildings
  • Will be able to optimize building systems and develop services to improve energy efficiency
  • Have an understanding of how the entity of building design and HVAC system influences upon the indoor environment
  • Have an understanding of design methods and appropriate simulation and optimization tools

The Advanced HVAC course package (45 cr.) provides the prerequisite courses needed for the qualification to become a responsible designer of exceptionally demanding HVAC- projects in Finland, after further conditions are met.

Structure of studies

The master’s degree (120 cr) consists of the major studies (66 cr), elective studies (24 cr) and a master’s thesis (30 cr). The major studies are divided into programme common courses, major common courses and advanced studies.

Read more on the programme pages:


The study environment in the Master’s Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions is strongly international and studies are conducted in multicultural groups. Students are actively encouraged to spend a semester abroad, studying at one of the top-tier international partner universities of Aalto University.

Furthermore, a student of Aalto University has many other opportunities to make their studies more international, such as:

  • by studying on a summer course or a school abroad
  • by completing an internship abroad
  • by studying new languages and intercultural communication
  • by acting as a international tutor (kv-ISO) for exchange students at Aalto University and by taking part in the AYY Student Guilds' international activities
  • by doing their thesis at a university abroad
  • by completing courses from the Unite! -alliance universities via virtual exchange (Unite! - Opinnot - Into (

Post graduate study options

The Master’s programme in Advanced Energy Solutions at Aalto is considered as a great foundation for doctoral studies.

Career opportunities

As a graduate of the programme you will become an expert of in at least one of the following areas: HVAC technology, building services engineering, building technology and energy. Typical employers are engineering and consultant companies and public sector institutes, that are related to manufacturing industry, construction, real estate, building services and smart energy solutions for cities. Our graduates are also well equipped to pursue doctoral studies and to work in research institutes.

As a graduate, you will be able to apply novel, adaptive and socially intelligent thinking and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration with well-trained project management skills for entrepreneurship initiatives concerning energy solutions. Thanks to our close ties to the industry, you have opportunities to work with companies and other stakeholders in the energy sector during your studies, which gives a great starting point for your career.

Ilari Ranta-Aho wakeboarding

Alumnus Ilari Ranta-Aho was supposed to become an architect, but HVAC technology stole his heart

Ilari Ranta-Aho’s best study memories are connected to his good study friends. He also advises new students to network and get to know the other students.

HVAC -measuring

Three faces of the Energy Efficiency & Systems Research

Three doctoral students from the research group share their inspiring researcher career path in the fields of electricity markets and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) -engineering.


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Admission requirements 2022

The applicants are first evaluated based on Aalto’s general eligibility requirements ( Applicants meeting the general eligibility criteria for master's studies are evaluated according to the evaluation criteria below.

Firstly, the applications are evaluated based on the following (critical) criteria.

  • Academic performance
  • Relevance of previous studies
  • Suitability

Only the applications who fulfill the requirements for these criteria will be evaluated against the full set of evaluation criteria.

After the evaluation of the remaining criteria below, the best applicants will be selected based on the joint evaluation of all criteria.

  • Recognition and quality of institution
  • Other areas of competence

Evaluation criteria

Study option -specific documents requirements

The documents requested from all applicants are listed here ( In addition, applicants to this study-option are requested to provide the following study-option-specific documents:

Contact information

With questions regarding the admission process, please contact Aalto University Admission Services: [email protected]

With questions regarding the content of the programme and studies, please contact:
Planning officer [email protected]

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