Instructions for doctoral candidates

Is your defence date getting close? Aalto ARTS Books will help you with the production of your dissertation. Contact us, when you are submitting your dissertation to preliminary examination. You should reserve at least two and a half months for the production.

Follow these steps

  • Fill the information about your dissertation form.
  • Article-based dissertations are primarily produced via the publication platform.
  • Aalto ARTS Books’ publishing editor will assist you with the production of a monograph. They will select a suitable graphic designer and agree on the work with the printing house.
  • The doctoral candidate and the publishing house will conclude a publishing contract.
  • Have a language revision made for your dissertation. The linguistic style of the work is the doctoral candidate’s responsibility.
  • Check the publication permits. Do you have the right to use the images in your dissertation? If you publish an article-based dissertation, ensure that you have the permission to republish the articles.

Assemble the complete material:

  • All text in a single file (see the instructions for finalising the text at the end of this page)
  • Images as logically named printable files (min. 300 dpi)
  • Abstract and table of contents
  • Back cover text (length max. 1,000 characters, including spaces)
  • A picture and a presentation text of the doctoral candidate (length 200–300 characters, including spaces)

Schedule of the dissertation project:

  1. Imposition scheme design 1 week
  2. Layout and cover design 3 weeks
  3. Checking the layout and revision 1–2 weeks
  4. The doctoral candidate sends the finalised PDF file to the opponent
  5. Printing approx. 2 weeks
  6. Public display 10 days

Other considerations

If your dissertation is very extensive and contains a lot of four-colour images, you should find out well in advance whether it is possible to receive funding or a grant for the production process from the department or another party. In some cases, Aalto ARTS Books may, for justifiable reasons, provide an additional grant for the production.
After the layout process has started, changes can no longer be made to the content of the manuscript.
The doctoral candidate and the publishing editor will inspect the layout.

Free copies

The doctoral candidate is provided with 10 copies of their dissertation. The doctoral candidate gives a printed copy of the dissertation to the preliminary examiners and supervisors. The doctoral candidate may purchase additional copies at half price. If required, Aalto ARTS Books will provide the media with review copies.

Photo by Julia Weckman

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