Emergency procedures

When you notice an emergency situation, you should always first call 112, the phone number of the emergency response centre.

Emergency call

CALL 112

EXPLAIN what has happened, give the exact address and city. You will find your exact location (facility number) on the “Emergency procedures” signs located in the facilities.
ANSWER all questions addressed to you.
ACT according to the instructions you receive.
DO NOT HANG UP until you are given permission.
GUIDE the emergency personnel to the location.
CALL the emergency number again if the situation changes significantly.
You can find e.g. the number of the room/space you are in on the ‘Emergency procedures’ signs located in the facilities.

Incident procedures  

Here you can find instructions in case of a power outage, water distribution disturbance or exceptions in traffic arrangements.

Due to road maintenance work and other renovations that are unrelated to Aalto University’s operations, power outages and other disturbances in normal operations (such as interruptions in water supply) might occur in the Otaniemi area without any advance warning.  In case these disturbances do occur, we will provide information on them as soon as possible.

In the event of a power outage or other disturbance, it is important to remain calm.

This service is provided by:

Aalto University Security and Lobby Services

Kampuksen turvallisuudesta vastaa Aalto-yliopiston turvallisuus- ja aulapalvelut yhteistyössä Aalto CRE:n kanssa.
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