Communications Services – School of Business

The Communications Services develops and implements the school's brand and external and internal communications.

Services for faculty and staff

The Communications Services develops and implements the School of Business brand and external and internal communications. We provide e.g. the following services for faculty and staff:

  • digital communications services via webpage and school's own social media channels

  • internal communications; the Business School Post newsletter published every other week

  • media contacts

  • research communications

  • visual identity, marketing and presentation materials, e.g. school presentation (, photos, templates, videos 

The School of Business in social media
Snapchat: aaltobiz


At the moment (Spring 2021), over 4500 people like the School of Business Facebook page and almost 2700 follow us in Twitter and 3600 in Instagram. Are you already one of them? If not, you may want to start following us and our daily posts by registering to the free services.

Business gifts

Business gifts and brand merchandise can be ordered from the Aalto University Shop.


[email protected] is the common email address of Aalto University Communications Services.


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