Aalto ARTS Books' instructions for doctoral candidates

Theses by Aalto ARTS doctoral candidates will be published mainly through the Aalto University publication platform as of August 2020. The candidate may, however, apply to publish their thesis book with Aalto ARTS Books. The decision is made by Doctoral Program Committee.

I If your thesis is being published through the Aalto University publication platform:

  1. Read instructions: Publishing doctoral theses
  2. Contact the managing editor of Aalto ARTS Books to arrange the publishing costs, print run and delivery for the books: Annu Ahonen, [email protected]

II If you want to publish your thesis with Aalto ARTS Books:

Aalto ARTS Books will produce only books that have been approved by the ARTS Doctoral Program Committee. Candidates may apply to the Doctoral Program Committee for a decision on publishing. The Committee meets nine times a year.

To apply, candidates should obtain a recommendation by head of research or doctoral studies of their department, as that affects the publishing decision. Publishing decisions are conditional on the candidate receiving permission to defend their thesis.

Doctoral Program Committee decision is based on following criteria:

  • Research is outstanding example of Aalto ARTS thesis with high relevance on the field of research.
  • Visual material – especially previously unpublished – has an important role in the thesis.
  • Department contribution to the production expenses.
  • Potential to attract general interest.

When to apply for processing by the Doctoral Program Committee?

Apply for the processing at the same time you are leaving your thesis for preliminary examination. The production of thesis will begin after the pre-examination statements have been given, the corrections have been made and the permission for public defense has been given.

After this the production of thesis will take about 2,5 months. This includes the public display of doctoral thesis (10 days).

How to apply for processing by the Doctoral Program Committee?

  1. Obtain a written recommendation from the head of research or doctoral studies for your department or from the supervising professor.
  2. Complete the book proposal form. You can find the attachment at the bottom of this page when you are a signed user.
  3. Put together a sample of your doctoral thesis’ manuscript (text and images, max 20 pages) in PDF format (max. file size 20 Mb). Include in the sample the table of contents, followed by sample pages from one or two chapters from the manuscript. Please choose pages where images play an important role. No special layout is needed.
  4. Submit all the materials (recommendation, book proposal form and sample) in one e-mail message to [email protected]. Send the material no later than five (5) weekdays before the meeting.

Doctoral Program Committee meetings are held during autumn 2023

  • 22.8.2023 – deadline for application 15.8.2023 4 pm
  • 27.9.2023 – deadline for application 20.9.2023 4 pm
  • 24.10.2023 – deadline for application 17.10.2023 4 pm
  • 13.11.2023 – deadline for application 6.11.2023 4 pm
  • 20.12.2023 – deadline for application 13.12.2023 4 pm

If ARTS Doctoral Program Committee accepts your thesis for publication, you will be provided a publishing editor to help with e.g. finding a graphic designer and with the final finishing of the material.

A publishing agreement will be made with Aalto ARTS Books, and if necessary the book will be put on sale. Aalto ARTS Books decides on the number of copies after hearing from the Doctoral Program Committee. For further information, contact managing editor Annu Ahonen, [email protected].

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