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Alumnus Adel Assad: 'My goal is to be in the front line of creating a greener planet with sustainable solutions'

Honorary academic achievements, contributions towards the student community and a passion towards building a better future, Adel Assad graduated 2019 from the Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering - Functional Materials. He studied a minor in Fibre and Polymers Engineering.
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Why did you want to study a degree in Master of Science in Chemical Engineering?

During my bachelor’s studies as a Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineer, I found my passion towards Material Science and Engineering and specifically for materials that are exploited in terms of green energy production or storage. I wanted to be a part of a community that create innovative solutions that lead us to towards a more sustainable and greener planet. This motivated me to pursue my master's degree.

What was the best thing about your studies?

Aalto University offers a wide range of courses from which you can make your own curriculum of what you are interested. The best thing that stands out for me is that our professors introduced their current novel research and what they were doing in their work. This way learning and research is combined naturally together.

What course did you find most interesting and what was it about?

I got the chance to experience many courses in different fields and teaching methods. The NanoChemistry and NanoEngineering course is the most interesting course I took at Aalto University because of its new and unconventional teaching methods. The course takes you on an eye-opening journey in the realm of nanomaterials. Starting with their unconventional and green synthesis methodologies and ending in their sustainable application in terms of energy, environment, and life science.

Do you already have a job after your studies? How did you get it?

Currently, I'm the youngest Doctoral Candidate at the School of Chemical Engineering, specifically at the Nanochemistry and Nanoengineering group where I'm combining Materials Engineering, Arts and Sustainability to create colorful perfect solar energy absorbers. I got this position after being granted the 2+2 scholarship offered by the school, in which my honorary academic achievement, along with my research and involvement in the student community contributed greatly towards this offer.

Have you been working during your studies in the field that you are studying? (for e.g. summer job)

Throughout my first year at Aalto University, I joined the “Laboratory Safety Class in Virtual Laboratory” project of developing a virtual online learning environment for laboratory safety training. I got the chance to work with DI Panu Viitaharju under the supervision of Prof. Antti Karttunen. I got to be a part of the conceptualization, 360° visualization and creation ofcontent for the virtual laboratory experience. After this experience I got the chance to join the Nanochemistry and Nanoengineering group as a part-time researcher. I was working under the supervision of Prof. Mady Elabhri on many diverse and ground-breaking ideas of research such as magnetic nanomaterials, electrospun fibers and colorful solar absorbers.

What are your future career goals? 

It is quite early to say where I see myself next, for the next 3.5 years I'm a doctoral student at Aalto University. However, one thing I know for sure is that after my graduation as D.Sc, I would still want to pursue my goal of being part of a community that passivates the way towards a greener planet by introducing sustainable and renewable innovative solutions.

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