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Abstract submission and data collection of EECAT2020

Abstract submission

The abstract submission to EECAT2020 has been opened.

Participants who wish to submit their abstracts for the EECAT2020 are kindly requested to download the Abstract Submission Template from the attachment and submit it by the link below.

  • NOTE! The file name must be given as "topic number-the presenting author-title".
  • Submissions should be catalogued in the eight topics of the workshop, otherwise it will only be considered as a poster submission.
  • Please submit it in PDF format. The abstract, including images, should be no more than one page.
  • The size of the file should be less than 4 MB.


Submit your abstract

Two special issues of Catalysis Today will be compiled based on the contributions.

If you have any questions about submission, please contact us at [email protected] with pasting the "abstract submission" in the subject of your email.


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