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Spring 2020 UWAS Courses

In academic year 2019-20, UWAS courses are organized under seven thematic categories that link the course contents to larger, transdisciplinary questions. These categories are: Global and Local Issues; Sites and Environments; Crises and Turning Points; Senses; Materials; Narratives; and Technologies. In addition, UWAS Varied Contents courses are project-based courses on topical, changing issues. UWAS is also participating in piloting MathArts minor together with the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis
hyrrä (picture by Anne Kinnunen)
photo by Anne Kinnunen

UWAS-C0015 Visualized Me: Creative Ways of Thinking and Using Visual Tools, 5 ECTS

Period III
Laura Isoniemi

This course offers students creative and experiential ways to find their inner invisible potential and make it visible through different practices of art and design. During the course, students are given art and design based tasks and exercises that benefit various artistic, creative ways of working and thinking.


UWAS-C0004 Miten idea materialisoituu? 5 ECTS

Periodit III-IV
Inka Nieminen

Kurssilla perehdytään oppilaan omien ideoiden prosessoimiseen ja esittämiseen kuvanveiston menetelmillä. Kurssi tarjoaa opiskelijalle mahdollisuuden kehittää omaa luovaa ajattelua ja oppia toteuttamaan ideansa konkreettisena teoksena. Päätavoitteena on taiteen monialaisuuden löytäminen ja ympäristön havainnoinnin kehittäminen.


UWAS-C0024 Freedom – An Artistic and Experimental Approach, 5 ECTS

Periods III-IV
Johan Eichhorn
Crises and Turning Points

The course introduces a broad range of approaches to the concept of freedom by offering students ways to critically examine what kind of narratives, structures, concepts, power relations, and individual constructions influence them. The students also learn how to explore these questions by the means of art - to criticize them, to play with them, to create own artistic concepts.


UWAS-C0027 Film, Work, and Labour, 6 ECTS

Periods III-IV
Inês Peixoto, Tiina Taipale, Eeva Houtbeckers
Global and Local Issues

In the course, we watch and make films in order to observe, evaluate, and discuss different ways of organizing work, working life, and labour markets. The course raises awareness of different ways of portraying work and labour in films. Students learn to identify ideologies and stereotypes in the representations of work and everyday work practices. In addition, students learn to argue their own perspectives through class discussions, reflections, and film making.


UWAS-C0028 Fashion in Culture, 3-5 ECTS

Periods III-IV
Annamari Vänskä
Global and Local Issues

After having completed the course the student understands fashion as a diverse cultural phenomenon and is capable of explaining and reflecting on how practices and theories of fashion have been shaped and changed since the emergence of the modern fashion system in the 19th century. The aim of the course is to advance the students’ understanding of fashion as a global, cultural and personal phenomenon as well as to explore in what ways can it inform other disciplines.


UWAS-C0034 Photography and The City, 5 ECTS

Periods III-IV
Kalle Kataila, Harri Laakso
Sites and Environments

The student learns about the role of photography practices in constructing and in depicting the urban environments that we inhabit. The student learns the basics of this media environment in theory and in practice. Students are expected to have basic skills in photography, which they will be able to develop, expand and experiment with. On a more general level the course enhances awareness of the meanings and uses of photography, which can be valuable and applicable across various fields and disciplines.


UWAS-C0045 AV Club: Thinking and Doing Moving Images, 5 ECTS

Periods III-V
Lauri Linna

Students will learn how moving image is used in the contemporary world in different contexts, including YouTube videos, Snapchat, Skype-calls, commercials, TV, films, video art, installations, and scientific visualizations, as well as gain basic knowledge about working with moving image or can develop their prior skills further.


UWAS-C0030 Human-Material Interaction, 2 ECTS

Period IV
Bilge Aktas, Camilla Groth

The course will familiarise students from multiple disciplines with the general discussion and notion of human-material interaction both theoretically and concretely through material manipulation. The topic of materiality will thus be approached from a theoretical, embodied, shared and societal point of view. Lectures and reading material will introduce the current discussions on the topic of materiality. In class, the students will both discuss their ideas and learning outcomes as well as concretise their learning through hands on material ideation and experimentation. The student will ideate and materialize an artefact while reflecting over their own artistic process and share its stages with the group.


UWAS-C0050 3D Prototyping in Context of Creative Practice, 3 ECTS

Period IV
Ashish Mohite

Students will look at art and design practice and how adopting digital fabrication technologies and working with materials in new ways can create new business opportunities and potentials. As case studies, students will examine the practices of artist such as Tomas Saraceno, Olafur Elisson and Anish Kapoor and how their adoption of new materials and technologies have helped them realise their visions.


UWAS-L0001 UWAS Doctoral Workshop: Participatory Practices and Social Change, 3 ECTS

Period IV
Alejandro Pedregal
Global and Local Issues

Students will learn how different participatory experiences in arts and design have engaged with scientific and technical disciplines in search of social change. They will also learn how these practices have enriched site-specific debates in their particular environments, springing critical discussions on tensions between local and global politics, economics and culture.


UWAS-C0029 Design and Culture, 5 ECTS

Periods IV-V
Paola Cabrera
Global and Local Issues

The course offers students diverse insights into the interrelationships between design practices, design artifacts, design policies, consumption, culture and cultural action. Regardless of the particular discipline of the students, and also because of the variety of disciplines, the course components provide a particular platform for exchanging views and learning from each other.


UWAS-C0046 Creative Coding, 5 ECTS

Period V
Tomi Slotte Dufva

Students learn to use code and electronics in creative ways, as a tool or medium for expression, as well as to place code and digital technology in a larger sociocultural context. Students also learn creative coding tools such as processing and arduino along with electronics such as sensors, actuators, sound and light.


UWAS-C0014 Spatial Structures, 5 ECTS

Periods IV-V
Taneli Luotoniemi

During this intuitive introduction to various geometric and topological phenomena, we set up a systematic approach to relevant spatial practices in visual arts and take on even some provocative and surprising concepts. The lectures, workshops and exercises involve fundamental structures in spaces of varying dimensionality, and how they appear through visual work.


UWAS-C0023 UWAS Discussion Series, 1-3 ECTS

Periods IV-V
Juuso Tervo
UWAS Varied Contents

The course introduces various concepts and contexts of transdisciplinary artistic and academic practices by bringing together professionals from different disciplines to discuss, debate, and imagine transdisciplinary collaborations between art, science, technology, and business.


UWAS-C0025 Art and Artificial Intelligence, 5 ECTS

Period V
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka
Crises and Turning Points

The course discusses the ethical, aesthetic and societal dimensions of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through shared discussion, reading, technological practices and artistic work we propose possible futures for AI. During the course students will create artistic proposals of possible futures of AI.


UWAS-C0042 Kertomuksen äänet, 3 ECTS

Periodi V
Hanna Weselius

Mitä kaikkea voi lukea kertomuksena? Mistä kaikesta voi tehdä kaunokirjallisuutta? Kurssilla tutkitaan erilaisia teksti- ja kuva- aineistoja, joiden analyysissä keskitytään erilaisiin kertojanääniin ja kerronnallisiin tekniikoihin. Aineistojen pohjalta kirjoitetaan ja esitetään erilaisia kaunokirjallisia tekstejä runoista proosaan. Opiskelijoiden tuottamia tekstejä työstetään ja arvioidaan kurssitapaamisissa.


UWAS-C0052 Integrated Design Thinking, 3 cr  

Period V
Oscar Person
Design Inside

The course provides students with an introduction to design and the rise of design thinking in innovation across disciplines. Overarching goal is to help students find their own way in adopting more designerly work practices for their own field.





Fall 2019 UWAS Courses
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